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DailyBurn Inferno HR Workout Program Review

Inferno HR


DailyBurn’s Inferno HR is one of their latest program offerings. I reviewed DailyBurn previously on my blog (see here: ) and mentioned the classic Inferno program and how much I liked it.  I like that the women in the workouts aren’t merely there for T&A.  Women are the leaders and the trainers.  It’s nice to watch the boys struggle with this one.

In this latest program, Inferno HR turns up the heat and then some.  Once I completed the first HR workout the endorphins kicked in big time.  It was a rush I had been missing.  Boy am I glad to be back at DailyBurn!

Inferno HR is led by Anja Garcia.  Who else but Anja could bring us something this intense?  Inferno HR is designed to be used with a HeartRate monitor that you can purchase through DB and link it to an app that monitors you while working out. You use your computer/roku, etc. to do your workout and then you are monitored on another device such as your tablet or smart phone.  It looks like a really cool feature and the market isn’t exactly flooded with programs such as this.  I did not use the HeartRate monitor feature myself, but sort of judged how I felt on my own and even took my heart rate manually when possible.  I know this wasn’t as accurate but I wanted to see how I liked the program before I invested in it.  If I do another round, I may buy the monitor.

In Inferno HR there are 4 separate workouts and they are all structured differently.  That is why I liked this program so much.  You were getting something different with each workout.  It wasn’t the same mundane thing all the time.

The zones described below are where your heart rate is.  Zones 0/1 being the lowest and zones 4/5 being the highest.  Zone 5 is the max.

Body Blast  – Two exercises 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest each maintaining zone 4 – then combining the moves for 1 minute doing 4 reps each move working to zone 5.   (41:45 total time

  Metcon Challenge Three blocks of exercises maintaining zone 4 then 1 minute of Core work in zone 3 and a 1 minute zone 5 cardio challenge.  (52:32 total time)

Tabata POC – Tabata round is one exercise 8 times through with 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest working to zone 5 – -  5 exercises 50 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest times through maintaining zone 4– repeating protocol with new exercises.   (51:21 total time)

Build & Burn – Four blocks of  3 rounds of exercises maintaining zone 4 the whole time. (54:06 total time)

You get three active rest days per week total including mobility, yoga and foam rolling.

Anja is a great trainer and likens the workouts to being like your own video game when you can view your heart rate while you are working out to stay in your zone.

After completing the first round of HR I was able to fit back into a pair of my jeans after gaining a bit of winter weight.  I am following this with a round of Classic Inferno and am continuing to get a bit leaner and feeling strong.  I cannot wait to get back to another round of HR.    If these Inferno workouts do not sound like your cup of tea, DailyBurn offers many more programs from True Beginner to Kettlebells, to Tactical Training, Dance and Yoga.  At $10 a month, DailyBurn is a bargain.


Get Fit Like Fido – -

Hello out there!  I know I’ve been absent again and I’m sorry but it definitely has to do with the weather and not spending as much time in front of the computer now that it is nice out.  That and I am sorry to report but no workout have really been grabbing at me to review except for the latest program I’ve been doing which I will do in a future post.

I was recently contacted by Priscilla Community Coordinator at, an online community where dog lovers can connect with one another to find and provide dog daycare and boarding.

She asked if she could share an infographic on my blog that is health/fitness related and I said sure!  I don’t own a dog anymore (RIP Sniffles) but I do love dogs so great!  All I have to do to share this awesome picture is tell a little bit about my own fitness routine.   Have a look!


Now a little bit about my own routine:  I like to lift heavy.  I have a variety of dumbbells and a barbell at home.   I also enjoy swinging the kettlebell.  I have 5 of those all the way up to 30 pounds.   I like to do cardio kickboxing, plyo, interval training, HIIT and Zumba.

Now that the weather has changed I also like to bike and take walks in the great outdoors.  We just had the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen here in North Central Pennsylvania – warm but no humidity sunny and gorgeous!

In the above graphic I could not help but notice the downward “dog” shout out and that brings me to my yoga practice.  I also have an avid yoga practice both at home and at a studio.  Not just power or more strength based yoga but also restorative and stress relief practice as well.  I’ve even begun meditating and consider this my “mental floss,” if you will.    I do incorporate yoga poses into my cool downs at the end of my workout.

What Have I Been Up To? What Do I Have In Store?

I don’t have a review today. I just wanted to tell you what I have been up to and what I have in store in the months ahead.

First off, I joined a yoga studio in March.  I have been visiting on a regular basis.  The first class I attended was Stress Relief Yoga and it was magical.  I slept so well that night.  I try to go to this class every Sunday night to get ready for the week ahead.

I also have been going to Hot Vinyasa Flow classes regularly.  I went because I wanted the intense heat after the brutal winter we had.  I was chilled to the bone and was hoping this would help.  It sure has.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep attending this through the summer months or not but we’ll see.  The yoga studio has other classes planned that I might be interested in this summer and since I pay per class, I will need to be discriminating on what classes I choose.    The hot yoga classes are heated to 90 degrees.  In my opinion this is the perfect temperature.  A little lower than some of the other hot yoga classes.  90 degrees is just enough to be super heated, but not so intense that you feel smothered by the heat.

I joined this studio literally the weekend that it opened.  That way I didn’t feel uncomfortable going into the studio for the first time.  Everybody was a newbie even if they were already seasoned yogis.  I really like it there.

Here is a pic of me participating in the Stress Relief Yoga class during the meditation portion (I’m sort of in the middle to the right a little hidden from view:



In May I am attending a Women in the Wilds outdoor event.  This is a day planned for women to do outdoor recreation activities such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, archery, gun safety, yoga, and the like.  I signed up for yoga (surprise, surprise), kayaking and a woodburning craft.  I’m excited.  I love doing yoga in the outdoors.

In June, The yoga studio that I frequent is having a yoga marathon to celebrate the summer solstice.

This August I plan on attending the Finger Lakes Yoga Festival once again this year.

On a personal non-fitness level I am also going to see two legends in concert this summer.  First up is Ringo Starr – a/k/a Richard Starkey.  You may have heard of him before!

Second up I am going to see a childhood idol of mine the Queen of Rock n Roll herself:  Ms. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

I’m also attending the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in July for about the 9th year in a row.

I cannot wait to post about some of the above activities and hopefully I’ll have some new reviews for you soon.





Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body 3: HIIT It Big Workout DVD Review

I am finally moved and settled into my new apartment and what better workout DVD to review than one titled:  HIIT It Big! 


This is Amy’s third installment in her Breathless Body series.  I have reviewed the other two previously on my blog and I have enjoyed both of the others.  The first being my favorite.  This new installment DID NOT disappoint. 

No equipment needed for this workout. 

If you are looking for a mindless cardio workout where you don’t have to follow any routine or learn a lot of moves to complete the workout, then HIIT It Big is the workout DVD for you. 

This workout has 8 different circuits of moves.  Those moves are completed in sets of four using a 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest format.  After each circuit you get additional rest as Amy demonstrates what the new movement will be.  This workout has modifiers for both easier AND more challenging levels.  You can switch back and forth to suit your needs within each circuit.  I mostly stayed at the intermediate level but did go to advanced on a few and even had to drop back for the easier level.  The movements include plyometric (i.e., Scorpion jumps, chug jumps and squat pistol jumps) and bodyweight on the floor moves (i.e., tuck jump jacks and burpee mogels).  There is also a kickbox move circuit. 

After all eight circuits are complete, Amy then throws you for a loop and combines all of the movements completed at 30 seconds each with NO REST in between.  This is what Amy calls:  The Finisher.

BUT you aren’t finished.  Amy gives you 8 minutes of core:  4 challenging ab/core moves performed for a minute each. 

The cooldown/stretch is 3 minutes.  I really felt that this should have been a little longer.  At least 5 minutes.  I really felt that the warm up (4 minutes) and cooldown were both a little short on time. 

3 1/2 stars out of 5.  I liked this 3rd installment of Breathless Body better than Amy’s second offering but I still don’t think it lived up to the original. 


I am in the process of moving to a new apartment.  I’m not sure if I’ll get any new posts in until I get settled in by April 1st.  I have a lot of work to do between now and then packing.  Such a daunting task.

Thanks for your understanding.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mistransformation!

Well, here we are at the third anniversary of my blog.   What began as a challenge that was supposed to last for only a few months has become a full time hobby for me.

I have to be honest.  I almost didn’t remember to post for my anniversary.  I knew it was coming up but I thought it was in the beginning of March.  Last night I decided to check to see when the specific date was and was shocked to find out that the anniversary date was actually at the end of February.  I was hoping to be a bit more prepared.

Over the past three years I have gained a handful of followers and I thank those that have been dedicated to reading my posts and promoting them to others (Fitness Blogger Buddies).

Most of the interest in my blog comes from searches through the internet.  I am able to view that in my dashboard statistics.  A lot of people are interested in reading about a certain workout DVD or trainer and search them on the internet and it leads them to my blog.  One of the most popular reads on my blog are my reviews of The Butt Bible (Pauline Nordin).  Even though I wrote about those back in 2011, they are still a popular search/read.

In my Mistransformation blog I hope to give no frills reviews to workout DVDs.  While I am pretty easy to please, I don’t try to sugar coat my reviews just because they are popular.  If there is a blaring problem I do try to point that out.

Thank you again for reading my blog and here’s to working on a 4th anniversary.

Scott Cole Discover Tai Chi For Fitness Workout DVD Review


Okay, I found a new love and that love is Scott Cole (he’s really hot for his age – over 50).  At a recent stop to my local library I found Discover Tai Chi in the Fitness section of the library.  Scott has quite a few tai chi DVDs on the market  but this is my first tai chi experience with him.

My dablings in tai chi are minimal.  A few workouts that I own use it as a cool down at the end of a workout.  I always felt the calming effects and thought it might be enjoyable so one day I tried a different  tai chi DVD from the library about a year ago.  I gave up quickly when I just could not follow along with the guy leading it.  I did not have any problems following along with Scott at all.  Scott’s demeanor is very soft, calm and gentle.

This tai chi DVD has Five different 10 minute segments:  Balance; Strength; Mobility; Flexibility; and Stress Reduction.  I would say the first three segments (Balance, Strength and Mobility) focus the most on tai chi whereas Flexibility and Stress Reduction have a little yoga thrown in as well. The Stress Reduction portion uses a chair.

In some of the segments you will hear Scott talk about qigong and how it relates and differs from tai chi.  I have only dabbled in quigong but would like to learn more about this in the future as well.

This DVD contains bonus segments including a short position review tutorial which may be helpful if you have no prior experience with tai chi.  I didn’t view this tutorial until after I completed the entire DVD.

Someone that likes yoga may like tai chi or on the opposite end someone that doesn’t like yoga may prefer tai chi because of its constant movement.   One thing that I like about tai chi that I also like about yoga is that it takes away my anxiety and calms me.

On another note:  Be sure to visit the bonus section of this DVD to watch Scott practice tai chi shirtless.  You won’t be disappointed.

I almost didn’t pick this DVD up at the library and I’m really glad I did.  I found it very calming and peaceful and hope to try a few more of Scott’s tai chi DVDs in the future.

Four out of Five Stars.

Patrick Goudeau Body Weight Blast Workout DVD Review

BodyWeightBlastPGTwo posts back was my review of Kickbox Burn presented by Patrick Goudeau but lead by Heather Corndorf.  Today’s workout is actually lead by Patrick himself and I forgot how much I love it when Patrick is in the lead of the workouts.  If anyone has “it,” Patrick does.

Some things Patrick advises in his introduction:  View before doing it to note modifications.  He also mentions to use heavy weights.  I think I heard Patrick say they are using 15s.  I used 10s because this was the first time I was completing it and I did not view it before trying it out so I wanted to make sure I could do the workout properly first.  I could definitely go up in weight the next time I did it.   You will also need a mat for this workout.

Body weight blast has 8 Segments.  Each segment is 6 minutes in length.  Each 6 minute segment is broken into:  3 minutes of body weight work.   2 minutes of weights and  1 minute of an all out cardio blast.  There are no rest periods between any segment but between segments when the disc switches to the next segment there is enough time to grab a sip of water.

I have listed the 8 segments below with highlights of what is in each segment.  On this DVD there is an option to build your own workout so if you didn’t want to do all 8 segments you could choose the ones that you did want to do.

Segment 1.  Legs – Butt – Triceps.  Probably one of the most challenging segments for me with the swing through move (an on the floor move where you swing a leg through to the front) and the up/down on the knees to a squat move (I think they call these a grappler move or something).  I have a large butt and some body weight moves are more challenging for me than for others with tiny hineys.

Segment 2.  Back – Core – Biceps.  Body weight: Side plank with a reach.   Weights:  Squats, Rows and Curls.  Cardio:  High Knees

Segment 3. Hamstrings – Butt – Back  – Balance  (a segment I liked) Body weight:  Tap backs to body weight dead lift.  Warrior T balance to knee lift balance.  Weights:  Suitcase dead lifts.  Lunges.   Cardio:  Butt Kickers and Can-Can Kicks (on the floor move).

Segment 4. Pushups – Back – Balance -  Body weight:  A sequence of pushup to tricep pushup, pushup to pike.  Spiderman plank.  Weights:  Row to twist.  Curl to press on knees.  Cardio: Mountain climbers/lateral mountain climbers.

Segment 5. Lunges – Rotation – Obliques (my absolute FAVORITE segment) Body weight:  Lunges around the clock to reverse lunges. Then repeat the series with a rotation.   Weights: Lunges (then with a sequence pace – meaning Patrick adds on)  Cardio: Shuffles to shuffle lunges.

Segment 6. Kicks – Crawls – Pushups -  Planks  The body weight portion was a bit challenging with Step tap kicks to a pushup but then it gets better with bear crawls and a plank moving your hands around the clock.  Weights: I thought this portion was fun.  Squat press to oblique reach (almost like a windmill) and high pulls.  Cardio:  Taps:  Tap dumbbell w/ toes.  Sort of like when people do taps using a step.

Segment 7.  Courtesy Lunge – Side Kicks  – Arms:  A lot of balance and stability but I liked it – Body Weight:  Arm cross to squats w/ the arm crosses  (keeping your arms up for a period of time can really wear them out). Courtesy lunge to kick (balance challenge) to kicks only. Weights:  Side lunges – Courtesy Taps to pulsing curls. Cardio:  Skater hops which are my favorite move.  Patrick was advising that  the skaters don’t count if you don’t touch the floor.  Well I touched the floor alright. I slipped on my area rug and fell and almost went face first into my weights lying on the floor.

Segment 8.  Animal Jumps – (Rainbow Jumps) – Man Makers.  This segment starts out with some jack reaches (sort of like a jack with a cross punch).  Rainbow lunge jumps (a jumping lunge to the side).  A walk forward and back touching the floor leads into animal jumps (lateral jumps with hands on floor).  Weights:   Manmakers:  Builds on this.  Squats to burpee to 2 pushups to rows to curl press – and Patrick builds on this until you do the total Manmaker movement.  Manmakers are something most bodybuilders would be familiar with.   Cardio:  Lateral squat hops to switch lunge jumps to tuck jumps.

A thorough cool down/stretch ends this workout.

Okay.  I know that is a lot to digest BUT it really made the time go by quickly.

As far as the format of this workout, it feels very familiar.  Some of Patrick’s other workout DVDs are similar in format.  This workout isn’t as intense as Patrick’s cardio based workouts but I don’t think that is the intention of this workout.  The title is Body Weight Blast after all.  What really makes this workout special is Patrick.  He is a master at sequence and choreography plus his energy and way of making things seem so effortless are what makes him at the top of his game.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

New Year! New Rear! Cathe Great Glutes DVD Winner Review


You may remember that last year I had my New Year!  New Rear! drawing for Cathe’s Great Glutes DVD.  The winner was Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd.    She also runs a blog at:  Please check out her blog.    When I did my drawing I asked that the winner come back here and give me their thoughts on the DVD.  The following is Jonelle “FitGirl’s” review:

From Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd:

If you’re already a Cathe Friedrich fan, you know that Cathe NEVER disappoints! And this DVD was no exception!

First let me say, I am somewhat of a newbie to Cathe’s workouts. Being the workout dvd queen that I am (I probably have almost any workout DVD that you can think of), of course I had heard of her, Cathe is well known in the fitness community and has TONS of workout DVDs to her credit! I even had a couple of her DVDs (“High Reps” and “Gym Style – Back, Shoulders & Biceps”), but it wasn’t until I bought her Low Impact Series workouts that I really became a fan. I had been doing the Low Impact workouts for a couple of months when I entered Missy’s giveaway and won the “Great Glutes” DVD.

I have to admit, while I was excited about receiving the DVD and getting another Cathe workout to add to my collection, I honestly didn’t think that this was going to be much more than just a whole bunch of squats and lunges. I didn’t expect it to be the whole body workout that it is! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of squats and lunges, but Cathe uses exercise moves using gliding discs, an exercise ball, dumbbells, loops, and a chair to not only work your glutes and legs, but your arms, shoulders, and core too! It’s an awesome strength workout but it surprised me by giving me a little cardio action, too! My heart was pumping, sweat was forming, and I was definitely feeling the burn! I’ve been doing this workout for a couple of weeks now and every time I finish it, I feel great! A little sore? MOST DEFINITELY! Lol! But that just gives me even more proof that I’ve completed one body changing workout!

Cathe is hardcore, and this is a pretty long workout, around 55 minutes long, so I would definitely rate this at an intermediate to advanced level. But even if you are a beginner, this workout could still be done with some adjustments. Cathe provides some slightly shorter premix workouts and you can always cut back on the amount of reps you choose to do, taking breaks in between exercise segments.

In conclusion, would I recommend this workout? DEFINITELY! It’s a full body workout that while its primary focus is glutes, will work every part of your body and I have no doubt that if done consistently will give you a GREAT BODY!

There you have it from Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd.  Again, please check out her blog at

Thanks to Jonelle for the great review on my blog.

Patrick Goudeau Presents Kickbox Burn Workout DVD Review


You know you’ve made it when you begin to present fitness DVDs instead of leading them.  Patrick Goudeau isn’t in the forefront of this workout as it is led by newcomer, Heather Corndorf.  While Patrick isn’t the one leading it he does have a huge presence in the video.

This workout starts with Patrick leading the 6 minute warmup.  Patrick then hands over the reins to Heather to lead us in four rounds of kickboxing drills for 40 minutes of high energy kickboxing.    There is a 5 minute cool down to complete this segment of the workout.

The rounds are intense and challenging but not so complex that you can’t “get into them” and give it your all.    The rounds are layered and Heather builds on them as you go along.  You can tell that Heather has led many kickboxing workouts because she is precise and really knows her stuff.  I think you could be fooled that this is her first workout DVD.   This workout will make you feel like a bad-ass.

After the kickboxing portion of this workout, Patrick leads us through 11 minutes of challenging ab work.

I really enjoyed this workout and Heather as the leader. I hope to see more from her in the future.

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars.  This is definitely going to be in my rotation.   Thank you Patrick for presenting Heather to us.