Recent Fitness Purchases

Two weeks ago I bought a kettlebell 10 pounds heavier than what I had been using.  I went up so high because I grow out of them so quickly.  I could have just gone up 5 pounds but kettlebells aren’t cheap so I went up higher to give myself longer to grow in and out of it.  It sure is challenging but in a good way.

Two weeks ago I also bought sliders/gliders.  You know the things you stand on and can mimic ice skating?  That’s them.  They probably seem wimpy to some people but they are very versatile.  You can use them for hardcore bodyweight exercises that target the core and abs.  Doing a jackknife with them is not as easy as the balance ball.  I find it challenging.  I wanted something to work my body in a different way.  That is the way to keep from plateauing.

This weekend I bought the Supreme 90 Day workout.  Sure it’s a ripoff of P90X (which I have also done) but it has something P90X doesn’t have – it has a Tabata workout.  That’s really the only reason I bought it.  It was 19.99 – P90X is at least $100.00 if not more.  I will use the other workouts on this system but I’m not following the 90 day routine.  I probably should but I like doing my own thing.

I also bought a core balance kit from Gaiam.  It comes with 4 small, pretty-colored balance pods that you put under your hands and feet.  You can use them in your bodyweight training routine to add a balance element and challenge the core in a different way.  You can also progressively add resistance to change it up even more.  I’m always looking for new things.

I will try these things and let you know how I like them.  I can already say that I like the gliders very much.  They sure are adding a challenge to my bodyweight routine.

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