Supreme 90 Day

So far I have done 3 workouts of the Supreme 90 Day workout system and as I mentioned before I am not following the schedule as designed.

What I tried:  Core Dynamics, Ultimate Ball and Legs

Collectively I thought they were good effective workouts.  The trainer/leader is a likable guy – he does flub up his lines a couple of times but it happens to the best of them.  The background people are in great shape and some offer variations from higher to lower.  The same warmup and cooldown are used for all of the workouts – that doesn’t make me all that happy but what do you expect from a low budget production.  These three DVDs were roughly between 30-40 minutes in length (w/ warmup and cooldown) – perfect for my morning workouts.

As I mentioned before the idea of these workouts is a ripoff of P90x which I have also done but the style of these workouts is not the same and even if some of the moves are the same go to any gym on any given day and the same moves are being done there too.  There are only so many moves you can do.  I did feel however that the ones I did had enough variation to hold their own.

Core Dynamics

I enjoyed this.  I felt that it was really effective and it had a couple of new variations on the plank that I didn’t think of before.  Not rocket science but it was a nice change up.  This was done in four circuits of four moves I believe.  You did the exercise for 30 seconds and then between circuits you got a 45 second break.

Ultimate Ball

*Note to self – buy a new balance ball – 1 – mine is too small for my height of 5’10”.  I need a bigger ball and I also have a ball with the little nubbies on it for back massage and this was painful when I had to put my knees on the ball for jackknives, etc.

This is pretty much a core workout too and I used this on my ab workout day.  I liked the workout.  I felt it was challenging enough to give an effective workout and I liked the moves.   I don’t think this was a circuit workout but I may be wrong.


This workout was also done as a circuit workout.   The moves weren’t really anything new or special but I felt that my legs had received an effective workout when finished and I felt it the next day.

Tomorrow I try:  Total Body – I previewed it.  Again, another circuit style workout.  Looks interesting.  Can’t wait to try it.
I didn’t get to try any of the cardio workouts yet and I am eager to because the Tabata is what I bought the program for.  I am nursing a sore knee however and I am leery to do any jumping/plyo on it for fear of putting myself out of commission totally.  Hopefully, I will be able to resume this in the near future.

In Sum:

SO FAR:  This was worth my $20.00.

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