Supreme 90 Day – Total Body Workout DVD

I did the workout on Friday morning (March 4th) before work.   Afterward I felt very energized and euphoric like.  I bet because of the total body aspect of this workout rather than focusing on one muscle group.

This workout was once again a circuit workout that mixed in about 3 strength moves and finished with one plyometric (jumping) move then you went on to the next circuit.  Some of the moves were spot specific, i.e., chest, back and legs and some of the moves were compound, i.e., squat to clean and squat clean to press.  After the strength moves you completed a plyometric move and then went on to the next circuit.

He asked exercisers to do 8 to 12 reps and move to the next move – so you had the background exercises doing their own thing and it kind of seemed like complete chaos.  I didn’t care for that aspect of this DVD but the workout is so good that I will definitely keep doing it.  I also suspect that once you do it a couple of times you will just be able to be on your own with the workout and will not even notice the others in the background.

On another note:  I think my knees are getting a bit better.  I’m still not going to do the tabata and other cardio moves yet.  I’m just slowly introducing plyometrics back into my routine and when I am sure that things are good I will do those and review them.  I will still be doing other DVDs though so I can review these when I complete them.

2 Responses to “Supreme 90 Day – Total Body Workout DVD”

  1. Thanks for email response.
    Can I do the Supreme 90 Total Body routine as a stand alone workout twice weekly?
    I practice Martial Arts twice weekly for 1 hour sessions and also use this as cardio.
    That gives me 2 days for active rest(light yoga)with one complete rest day.
    Input appreciated.

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