Supreme 90 Day – Shoulders and Arms

Another decent circuit style workout that targets your shoulders, biceps and triceps.  It starts out with a quick core circuit of a couple core/ab exercises.  I skip this because I have a regular abs/core day (yesterday and tomorrow) and am not following the 90 day schedule. 

The arm/shoulder circuit is set up this way:  a move targeting the shoulders, one for biceps and one for triceps.  You are told to do 8 to 12 reps at your own pace and do this for 3 sets.  Once again the background people will be working at their own pace and may not be doing what you are doing.  The instructor gives good advice on form and how to push yourself (“use heavy enough weights” “no half reps” etc.).  The one triceps move was killer though in that you did 10 reps of 3 variations of the tricep kickback (this move was done in P90x too).   On the third circuit the shoulder move stands out to me in that this was a new variation for me.  You curled up the dumbbells to a shoulder lift and punched out the dumbbells.  Punching out was challenging and you should take care of how heavy of weight you use so that you don’t hurt your shoulders.  On some of the moves a stability ball is used as well – like for the incline biceps curl.

There were four circuits to this workout and afterwards my arms felt liked I had worked them good.

I did my own stretch at the end.  I didn’t feel like my legs needed stretched due to lack of use but I know a lot of good upper body stretches that are effective.


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