Supreme 90 Day – Tabata Inferno

Finally I got to try this.  The tabata workout is what drew me to buy this P90x ripoff system because P90x doesn’t have a tabata workout and its cardio workouts are pretty wimpy.

First, it was manageable in length – including warmup and cooldown about 40 minutes give or take a minute or two.  The warm up in this video was shot right with this workout it wasn’t the prefab warmup that the other few I have tried had.  It did have primarily the same moves but there were a few extra and it was a little longer.  It was just nice to see something fresh for the warmup.

You will need a dumbbell for a few of the moves on this workout but you really could get by without it.  Keep some water nearby so you can pick it up during the minute breaks.  You may need a towel as well for the plank press ups – especially if not on carpeting.  This move can be hard on the elbows on something like hardwood floors.

The tabata – If you are already familiar with tabata you will know that it is 20 seconds of hard work with 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times to equal four total minutes of work.  He did circuits of either 2 or 4 moves.  On the 2 move tabatas you did one move for 20 then the 10 sec rest and then the other move for 20 and the 10 second rest then you repeated this 3 more times or 4 times total for 8 minutes of work.  There is a one minute break between each tabata and trust me you look forward to this break if you are working hard enough.  The goal with tabatas is to push yourself to your max during the 20 seconds of work.

On the 4 move tabatas you went through each move with the 20/10 concept and repeated it a second time for 8 minutes of total work.  The instructor repeats again and again that the 20 seconds seems to be getting longer and boy he isn’t kidding, but it isn’t getting longer because he has the stopwatch.   During one of the tabata rounds a background exerciser even says she felt dizzy.

I am not sure how many total tabatas there are but I would guess at least 5 but perhaps 6.

The cooldown is the prefab one.

After this workout I felt as if I had come off of a Bar-B-Que grill so Tabata Inferno lives up to its name!


Side note after blog written:  There are 7 total tabatas and I do this on an ab day mostly because there are so many absentric movements.  Since it’s great fat burning, I feel that it makes for a great ab day workout.


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