Supreme 90 Day – Chest & Back

This workout started out with the prefab warm up and then started off with the usual core segment which I again skipped for a couple of reasons – 1. I worked my core yesterday and will again tomorrow and 2. Because I am doing these workouts before work in the morning and need to be as efficient as possible.  The lifting segments themselves were pretty much what seems to be this system’s set up for the weight segments – a circuit of two moves that you do 3 sets of and then on to a new circuit.  You do 8 to 12 reps and everyone works at their own pace  while you listen to the instructor talk or just tune him out like me.  These were push/pull moves for the chest and back.  A couple of variations of the pushup and back rows.  There was also a chest fly that I remember and a back extension both done on the balance ball – but you could fidget your way without it if your ball sucks like mine (even the new one).  The last move of all of the circuits is a 2 for 1 in that you do a pushup to a back row all in one and then repeat it.

I wasn’t blown away by this chest/back workout but it was a part of the package.


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