Supreme 90 Day – Cardio Challenge

This workout is a 30 minute (not counting warm up or cool down) interval workout of 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest.  You will need two sets of dumbbells (light and moderate) and a mat if your floors are uncomfortable for you to get down on.  Don’t let the fact that you use dumbbells fool you.  This isn’t a strength workout.  You use the weights to up the intensity and use lighter weights for speed work rather than strength.  Wear supportive sneakers as this workout has some plyometric moves.

After finishing the prefab warm up it’s straight into the workout where he typically switches from a plyo-type move to a move using the weights and then throws in what he calls a recovery move that uses no weights and isn’t plyometric in nature. He also mentions that he is moving from upper body to lower body, i.e., variations of squats for lower body and punching with weights for upper body.   A few of the moves were the same as the tabata inferno workout but there were a few new moves like the bear walk which is great for agility.  The cool down is the typical prefab cool down/stretch.

I didn’t feel that this was over the top challenging but I did feel like I got a good workout after I was finished.  It doesn’t compare to anything like Insanity however.  I wouldn’t even say it compared to Plyo X – of course this was different in nature because it used weights and wasn’t completely plyo.  I will do this workout again probably as a supplement to another shorter workout.


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