Today I am going to write about my “fun” workout.  I think we all need a little bit of this when we push our bodies so hard.  We need to find something we enjoy to reinvigorate us for our other workouts.

I had started dance workout DVDs the previous winter because I couldn’t do my other “fun” workout during the cold months – biking.  I needed something to fill that void.  Dancing provided that outlet and I found out quickly that although my delivery of the dance moves may not be spot on, I am able to pick up dance moves rather quickly.  It also gives me a break from the real world problems for a moment as your brain concentrates on the dance moves and you get lost in the moment.  I might add that dancing also gives you killer legs and a great core.

I started Zumba about a year ago.  I had seen the infomercial on TV a few times but never really thought of trying it.  A friend at work mentioned that her friend thought it was really fun.  I was already doing dance DVDs so I thought I might like this as well.  First I tried the DVDs and did those for about a month before I braved my first Zumba Party at the local YMCA and in front of other people.  While I liked the DVDs and convenience of doing them in my own home, I was really hooked on doing it with other people.  I guess it’s the vibe that everyone gives off and the element of fun.

Zumba sort of takes me back to my childhood.  I was a biddy league cheerleader from the time I was 4 years old until I was 12.  We had to do about 3 dance routines a year.  These were always simple moves and Zumba is sort of like that because you repeat the moves throughout the song.  I also found that I am able to lose my self-conciousness when I am dancing and I have some major problems with self-conciousness.

After a few Zumba Parties and benefits I found that I really favored one dance studio’s instruction over the others so I immediately started going on a regular basis to one of our local dance studios for Zumba class.  It’s nice to take a class because you will learn new dance routines, master them for a few weeks and then move on to new material.

In the winter the dance studio had a Christmas recital and us Zumbettes were invited to be in the recital and do a routine to Feliz Navidad.  I decided to participate.  This was a big step for me.  When I was heavy I would never have had the nerve to get in front of hundreds of people and dance.  I will admit that on the day of the recital I was nervous but I did it and it was fun.

At the end of the summer I even got to do an Aqua Zumba party.  This is Zumba in a swimming pool.  The instructor stands outside of the pool and does the moves while you do them under water.  It is a different feeling on your body because when doing the dancing you are on hard ground pounding out the steps.  In Aqua Zumba you do the moves while gushing through the water.  It gives your body more resistance.  It makes me feel relaxed when I do it in the water.  Since your body is under water it is also harder for others to see when you are messing up the moves – so you can in essence fake it.  I don’t do the Aqua Zumba on a regular basis but I do enjoy going to the parties when they are available.  The fact that I go out in public in a bathing suit is evidence of just how far I have come since my weight loss.

I like to promote Zumba to others. I like the feel good nature of it.  I continue to go to class and parties and just enjoy the all around comradere that I have experienced with Zumba.

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