Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body Workout

There are two workouts on this DVD.  One long and one short  – both different but the bonus glute challenge is an offshoot of a series of “ass burners” Bob does in the long workout but he adds other elements as well.

The first and main workout on this DVD is 63 minutes total.

If you do all of the advanced moves in this workout (Bob does offer some modifications) and you push yourself all out for the hour you will be a sweaty mess by the end. My sweatband was soaked in sweat at the end. Your body will feel heated up as if it is cooking on a bar-b-que grill. You will need a set of hand weights that are light because this is a cardio workout and not strength. Bob does some lunges, some jump switch lunges, squats and squat jumps. Bob will do some recovery moves with weights for the upper body. There is a series of high knees and then you take it up a notch to double-time. The workout itself is reminiscent of the Body Rev Cardio Conditioning and some of the moves will be familiar. The set is brighter and I guess some people were turned off by the set last time. My only gripe is the stretch at the end isn’t that long but I’ve been working out long enough to know how to do enough of my own stretches. Another fine job for Bob. && Bob what IS up with those socks!!!!!

The second bonus workout is a focus on the glutes.  It is 14 minutes in length.

Bob does a series of lunges – front, side, back – he repeats this series until you are almost at your wits end and then goes into ass burners and some single legged lunges and kick backs – he does one side at a time.  You will feel it in your butt.  If you need a short workout that focuses on your butt – this would be a good one.

Stay tuned for my review of Jillian’s latest:  Ripped in 30 – there are 4 workouts on this one and I have only done 2 so I don’t want to review it yet – even though I thought the workouts were decent.


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