Strong Is the New Skinny – What It Means To Me

First I need to say that I found the group Strong Is the New Skinny on Facebook.  Adam and Marsha run the page.  They are both very strong people.  Their mission is to promote the image of STRONG women in the media and everywhere else…

The original blog post that started the revolution can be read here: (cut and paste if you must)

I liked what the message stood for because it meant no longer picking women’s bodies apart if they didn’t fit into the standard of photo-shopped models in the magazines with little body fat and no muscle tone.  In my mind it was a middle finger in the air to all of the collective industries that strive to shove that message down our throats.  Hell, I’d even give it two middle fingers.  It means that we can start a revolution and be forerunners and trailblazers for groups of young girls and boys out there today that won’t have to suffer with an eating disorder to fit into a mold that they were never meant to fit into anyway.  It means being healthy.

You see, I suffered from an eating disorder from the age of 18 through the age of 24.  I was bulimic and I was very good at hiding it.  I wasn’t the “After School Special” hide the cupcakes under the bed and stuff them down your throat then puke kind of bulimic – I puked after every time I ate.  I did the laxatives and I also was up to about 4 diet pills a day – the kind of diet pills that are now off the market today. First it was as a way to lose weight (in addition to constant working out) and then it was as a way to maintain weight.  Dieting had ruined my metabolism and I had my body to where it gained weight with just about anything I ate.  I carried extra pounds on my body so no one was really concerned if I was bulimic or not and since our society is only concerned about people who are emaciated they probably wouldn’t have cared if I was or not anyway but I was very, very unhealthy.  I won’t go into the gory details of bulimia – and it IS gory but what I will say is if I had known back then that being strong and lifting heavy weight was going to increase my metabolism I probably could have saved myself a lot of trouble back then.  However, long slow cardio sessions and lifting light weight with high reps is what was pushed into our minds back then not to mention the low fat diets that were also counter-intuitive.  I didn’t know I had a problem until one day I was puking up marshmallows I had eaten probably because I was so hungry that I wanted the sugar from them but then I felt guilty and felt the need to get rid of them.  How did I stop? One day I just did.  Today I live with the bad teeth and the problems swallowing as ramifications of what I did to my body over 10 years ago.

If we can promote a strong/healthy image and teach young girls and boys to take care of their bodies in a healthy way with proper exercise and nutrition, I believe the Strong Is The New Skinny mission will have been successful.

Me in my Strong Is The New Skinny T-shirt

Strong Is The New Skinny blog challenge:  (cut and paste please):

One Response to “Strong Is the New Skinny – What It Means To Me”

  1. Thank you for sharing those powerful words! It takes courage to lay it all out for people. I have no doubt that you will touch lives and help one if not many people through your example! Keep writing and stay strong!!! 🙂

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