Workout Snobs

I have been noticing a trend in the fitness world – bash workout types that you do not do and bash everyone who does said workouts.  For instance, I saw a trainer claiming last week that walking is not a workout – but we have millions of couch potatoes in the U.S. right now and obesity and diabetes is on the rise and epidemic in children as well.  The way I see walking as exercise is that it could be a stepping stone onto another type of exercise.  Get the person off of the couch, get them to lose a few pounds and then maybe they will want to try a different type of activity.   Maybe walking would be a gateway to jogging.  Jogging might lead to lifting weights.  Lifting weights might lead to learning kettlebells.  Kettlebells might lead to Crossfit, etc.  We all have to start somewhere.

How do I know this?  Because over 60 pounds ago when I joined the gym all I did was walk on the treadmill.  Walking led to jogging and venturing into the weight room where I did the machines to start.  Then after I lost a good bit of weight I started researching exercises for using dumbbells.  Then I researched exercises for the cable machine.  After that I started using kettlebells.  Now I design my own workouts for my gym time and do dynamic moves that not too many other people are doing where I am training.  I did walking and I stepped out of the box – so can other people!  I do Zumba.  Zumba is my fun activity.  Why is this a bit startling?  Because I’m extremely self-conscious and the mere fact that I can get out and do this in public is amazing in itself.  Some people scoff at Zumba but I workout for an hour at the gym before I go to Zumba and I have already done a morning workout that day as well.  How many people can say that?

I think we need to be more supportive of people who are just starting out and stop belittling people into getting them to try it “your way.”  There is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to train your body.



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