Paul Katami – Kettlebell Drills Workout

I have had this DVD since January.  It is a great workout.  It has three segments.  They are a 34 minute instructional clinic where Paul demonstrates the moves and explains proper form.  He then gives you time to try the move yourself.  You can do this as a lighter workout or if you’re a beginner you may want to stick with it until you can move to the real workout segment.

The main workout segment is 35 minutes with a quick warm-up of kettlebell moves to prepare your body.  Paul starts off with some basic moves and builds on from there.  He includes a couple of combos in this workout and starts from one move and links them to form the combo.  Most of the drills are 30 seconds long but there are a couple of drills that are a minute long.  Paul offers a background demonstrator that is a modifier for a beginner and a modifier for an advanced.

The third segment of this DVD is a separate abs section that is done on the floor.  It is about 16 minutes long.  I have really noticed a change in my core from this workout.  As with the other workout Paul does drills and gives you about 30 seconds to do the movement.  He also builds on to some of the drills to form a combo.  He does some situps formations with the bell and turns over to plank position to work on stabilization – which is killer.  He ends with a 60 second drill of Russian twists.

This DVD is a quality kettlebell workout.  I have been using kettlebells for at least a year now and have done a handful of kettlebell DVDs and this is my favorite so far.   Right now this is the #1 video on

I appreciate Paul’s gentle and encouraging instruction. I know a lot of kettlebell moves from my own research but Paul offered a few new techniques which I can take to the gym. I started out with a lighter bell to start and then bumped up to a heavier bell to get an even more intense workout.  For awhile when I bumped it up, on some of the drills I had to fall back to the lighter bell when it got too intense.  I finally worked up to sticking with the heavier bell.

My only wish is that there was an additional 30 minute workout on this DVD. It would have been nice to have had a combined Drills and Combos DVD instead of having to purchase each separately.

I look forward to doing more of Paul’s DVDs and I am happy that he is becoming so successful because he’s a great instructor!


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