LaloFit Freeze II Workout

I tend to pull the LaloFit Freeze II workout out of my collection when I am not sure what kind of workout I want to do for the day.  This workout is a combination of bodyweight training moves, plyometric moves, light-weight strength training moves, abs, core, booty and balance (actually a lot of moves are for balance). He also gives you 30 second breaks throughout the workout!

It begins with a five minute warmup and then moves into circuits of a variety of moves.  There really isn’t a rhyme or reason to how things are thrown together in this workout – I think that’s why I prefer it at times when I have severe exercise ADD.  Sometimes workouts with too much structure just get boring.  The meat of the workout runs for 42 minutes and towards the end of that he does some ab work does a power move at the end and then you go into an eight minute stretch segment.  Lalo keeps a clock on the screen and also keeps a rep count.  He tells you how long you will do something or how many reps you will do as well.  There is a voiceover track and Lalo executing all of the movements himself with no background help.  His catch “thing” for the workout is the “FREEZE” technique.  He tells you to hold or pause at the bottom of the movement and really feel it.  I really don’t feel that it’s that noticeable but the workout itself is great.  I am usually sweating pretty good by the end.  I would rate it Intermediate/Advanced if you push yourself throughout and don’t dilly-dally.

This is kind of like the male version of the Squeeze workouts (if you are familiar with them) but with added cardio bursts which make this an intense workout.

Lalo’s Latin accent doesn’t hurt either!

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