Cathe – Intensity

I got this DVD in November of last year when it first came out.  I ordered this DVD for the HiiT workout since I have the other Cathe HiiT DVD and wanted additional variety. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the step workout as well. It wasn’t too complicated to follow along with but challenging enough to keep you interested.  The step workout has two different segments.  She does the first segment which is pretty tough and then she steps it up a notch higher with the second step segment by adding some power bursts. These step segments are roughly about 25 minutes total (there is a 5 minute warmup on the step beforehand).

After the step segment you go into the high impact HiiT segment and it is about 12 minutes long. After the high impact you go into the low impact HiiT.  I find myself having trouble not jumping during the low impact HiiT (out of habit) though and I absolutely love the air squats at the end to burn the glutes.  The low impact Hiit is about 12 minutes long too.

I really liked the additional 13 minute boot camp segment and wish that it was longer. For this you will need some moderate weighted dumbbells I use 10 pounds.  You will also need a firewalker band or tie up a stretchie band (that’s what I have) and a mat if on a hard floor.  You will do a plyo drill, then a weight drill then plyo, then weights, etc.  She then uses the firewalker/stretchie band for side steps and then you lie down on the mat and do a side plank hip dip with arm stretch while wearing the stretch band around your thighs.  It really burns out the thighs.  The last segment is 2 rounds of pushups.  I use this Boot Camp a lot to finish up other workouts when I feel that I didn’t quite get as worked out as hoped.  This nails it for sure!  I hope she makes another workout DVD geared towards this and I told her that on Facebook one day.  She said she would see what she could do.

The music on this workout is fun and motivating.  The stretch at the end is very effective. Cathe is her usual cheerful self and has great rapport with her background people.  She also says a lot of funny things during her workouts so pay attention!

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