GSP Rushfit – Strength & Endurance Workout DVD (not the whole system)

This is my first DVD out of the GSP Rushfit package.  You do not have to buy the whole package together.  You are able to buy most of them one at a time.  I ventured with the Strength & Endurance first.   You will need moderate dumbbells to challenge yourself.  The workout is 47 minutes including warmup and cooldown.

This workout is led by Erik Owings and has GSP completing the whole workout.  Erik, the trainer, gives tips and motivation throughout.  His personality isn’t over the top or anything it is just straightforward and professional.  Georges is asked by Erik a few times how he is feeling and he will say, “terrible.”  He is an extremely conditioned athlete so I’m not sure if Georges was trying to be humble or not.  The warmup is extremely thorough and is about 11 minutes long.   It is just basic moves performed for a minute each to get the body warmed up for the workout to come.

The workout is five rounds at five minutes each.  In the first  rounds each of the five exercises lasts a minute and Erik encourages you to build in intensity towards the end of the exercise.  By circuit 3 you will be using your dumbbells and I cannot remember whether circuit 3 or circuit 4 starts the 30 second intervals and then repeated for the total of five minutes or not but I will check my DVD and update this information.  Round 4 uses just one dumbbell and Round 5 is done on the floor. 

I felt that there were some new techniques thrown into this workout with the floor pushups, rotating curls, round the world move and single hand twisting floor press.  You will also do some kettlebell inspired moves but using your dumbbell. 

The cooldown/stretch probably could have been a little more thorough.

I would like to try the GSP Rushfit – Explosive Power Training workout next.

2 Responses to “GSP Rushfit – Strength & Endurance Workout DVD (not the whole system)”

  1. Someone gave me the DVD set but they did not give me the workout schedule, so I do not know how many times a week I am to workout and do I just do one dvd per 8 weeks and then move on to another one. Can you help me with a little info?

    • I don’t have a schedule for this workout system and only have the one DVD but with any exercise system you don’t want to stick to one for 8 weeks you would want to mix a few of them up througout the week for a few weeks and then switch up with the ones you haven’t done yet. I will search online to see if I can find a schedule and post a link. Thanks for the question.

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