Breathless Body – Amy Dixon


I just finished Breathless Body for the first time and am still cooling down even as I sit down to breakfast and a protein shake. My body felt like an inferno by the time I was done.  Amy does the tabata drills of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest drills with one movement throughout each tabata drill but you have a choice in which level you want to do. I alternated between Intermediate and Advanced in most of the drills.

There are eight total tabatas and some of the drills are harder than others. Amy gives you about a minute between each tabata drill to take a break and to explain the movements for each level for the next drill. If you don’t like dancey type floor aerobic this might just be for you. I didn’t find the drills boring because of the one movement only in the tabatas because I did alternate the different levels for some of the drills.

Amy breaks the monotony by trying to make the drills a little fun and having somewhat of a theme – there is Power Jacks, Speed Skaters, Athletic Beach Volleyball (burpee round), Hot Feet, Core Kicks, Ole’ Lunges, Boxer Jumps and Pogo Jumps.  The one drill that is the core kicks was the hardest for me because staying on the ground in mountain climber position is hard on the arms for that many drills.  I just pushed through.  This was one drill that I could only alternate between the lower and middle levels.  I could not do the advanced kick on this one.  Ole’ Lunges and Boxer Jumps were the 2 that got my heart rate up the highest especially when doing the advanced level movement.

There is a thorough warmup and cooldown and the total length of the workout is 55 minutes.

Note:  In the boxer challenge round I added a jump to the up and down punches when I alternated sides (like Turbo Fire) and alternated to the advanced 180 degree jumps with a punch. My heart rate got up to 171 so to do all advanced for that drill probably would have been dangerously high.

If you aren’t breathless during this workout, then you are doing it wrong. You HAVE to go all out and this is your own job and responsibility. You have to push you!

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  1. […] A little over a year ago I reviewed Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body Workout DVD and I LOVED IT!  It was a Tabata drill based workout but instead of being 4 minutes in length like the original Tabata protocol it was about an hour with 8 separate Tabata drills.  While I no longer do that whole DVD anymore, I still do separate Tabata drills for some added cardio or as a finisher to my regular gym workout. (See that review here: […]

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