Kettlebell Bombshell Workout DVD

I was really excited to try this workout.  I saw it at Border’s store and had a 50% off coupon so I took a shot.  Boy was I disappointed.  I guess I forgot at the time I bought it that the reviews I had read on this before said it was for a beginner.  I have been using kettlebells for over a year now and this was just not at the level that I have worked up to.

There are 4 sections to this workout – an instructional segment, lower body segment, upper body segment and then total body.  They are roughly 20 mins each.  There is no warmup or cool down so you would have to do your own.

This workout may be good for a beginner since she has an instructional portion to this workout but I was really disappointed that the workout segments weren’t more intense and that there were really long breaks between the exercises.  I did fast forward some of these breaks.  An option would be to jump rope through the breaks (30 seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds) or do kettlebell swings through the breaks.  That way you would keep your heart rate up – I just feel that if I spend this kind of money on a workout that I shouldn’t have to do this but since I have spent the money this is what I will have to do to have a more intense workout.

The production of this workout is pretty generic.  I was expecting more with the cutesy cover and back cover of the DVD.  If the workout had been more intense I could have overlooked that.  I liked Lisa though and if she came out with something more intense and more advanced I would at that time reconsider another one of her workouts.

One Response to “Kettlebell Bombshell Workout DVD”

  1. Brenna Parrigan

    I was really excited to try this workout.  I saw it at Border

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