Peak 10 Workout DVDs

First off I do not have the Peak Fit Challenge system.  I have the precursor to that and the first two workout videos that developed into that system.  These workouts actually do come with the system but they were re-recorded with a few new background people.  You may see the infomercial on tv for this system now and that is why I wanted to go back and review these even though I have had them since last fall.  These are advanced workouts.

Peak 10 started as two videos Cardio Strength and Cardio Interval Burn – my favorite of these two is Cardio Strength.  I always feel super worked out after completing this one!  I will review that one first.

PEAK 10 – CARDIO STRENGTH:  The workout is 59 minutes long there are 5 sets of 10 minute circuits (the warm up starts right up in the circuit) with different levels within the circuit- basecamp is sort of just catching your breath and getting ready – assent in this one is the strength work and you will need a set of light and a set of heavy weights.  After you complete this you go into the Climb segment which is cardio.  It’s a higher level and some of the moves are high impact.  After the climb you go into the peak which is 15 seconds of one type of plymetric movement – intended to go all out.  Then you start back at basecamp and complete all of these intervals on the other side before moving into another new 10 minute circuit.  The video is designed that you do not have to do the whole hour, you can break it up for as long or as short as you want but Michelle recommends that you always do the warmup and the cool down no matter how long you set it up for.  The cool down is thorough.  I am usually sweating buckets by the end of this one.

PEAK 10 – CARDIO INTERVAL BURN:  This workout is 65 minutes long.   This is set up like the Cardio Strength except it is pure cardio and you do not use any dumbbells.  It also doesn’t feel as intense as the strength video but is still very good.  It has the base, assent, climb and peak.  The assent in this workout is lower impact aerobic moves then the climb is the higher impact more complicated aerobic movements.  The peaks in this video are for 30 seconds long.  Then you repeat on the other side before going to another 10 minute round.  You can also set it up to go as long or as short as you want but doing the warm up and cool down whenever you do this video.

I was really happy to see Michelle Dozios have great success with these videos.  This was her first time with DVDs at the advanced level.  I had done her intermediate level workouts years ago and have always liked her as an instructor.  These workouts really kicked butt and I hope to get some of the other workouts from the Peak Fit system in the future.

2 Responses to “Peak 10 Workout DVDs”

  1. You have some great reviews here. These will really help me make decisions on what to purchase. Of course, I usually get the Beachbody workouts, but I like to mix it up a bit as well.

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