My Own Workouts – for the gym – Offset Training Routine

I design my own workouts for my gym time.  I roughly workout at the gym M-Th after work.  I actually find that now that I’m advanced I workout harder at home but I still enjoy seeing the people at the gym and just the different environment.  I usually use free weights and the gym carries heavier than what I have at home and also the barbell and cable machine.  I will also use a single weight plate as is mentioned in this workout for the push press.  If I do stop going to the gym I would have to invest in heavier weights at home.

Anyway, I am going to post some of the workouts I have designed for at the gym.

You may not be familiar with the titles of all of my moves.

This first one is an offset training workout which is using 2 different sized weights for each move – i.e., bicep curl w/ 20 lb in right hand and 10 lb in left.  On the next set your switch weights.  It makes your brain work harder.

Offset Training  – 20/10/5
– Get Weight Plate #25 and Do Push Press, etc.

Bicep Curls

Clean to Press

Rope Single Triceps

Jumping Jacks w/ weight

Dumbbell Chest Fly

Mountain Climber

Arnold Presses

Speed Squats

Straight Arm Raises for Lats

Side Plank w/  Knee Raise

Sumo Squats

Side Kick w/ hop in

Calf Raises

2 Responses to “My Own Workouts – for the gym – Offset Training Routine”

  1. WOW! I’m still just working out at home…but your workout looks HARD. I can’t wait until i am ready to work out this hard!

  2. Thanks I’m going to keep posting them from time to time. Right now I do a push/pull workout with emphasis on legs/butt and add in some power moves and plyometrics.

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