Kelly Coffey – 30 Minutes to Fitness – Circuit Burn

I like this workout DVD.  I like the way Kelly has it segmented and premixed.  She has a workout one (30 mins) and workout two (30 minutes).  There are several premixes including a total hour workout.  When I did these workouts I did them as intended – as 30 minute workouts.  I never did do it as a total hour workout but did view it that way and will describe how she has that mixed.  You will need 2 sets of dumbbells for the workout.

The first time I tried this DVD I did the Cardio and Boxing premix (31 mins).  I felt that this was a really great workout when pressed for time but you really wanted to get some good cardio in.  First you warm up then you go into a drill that is a dynamic/plyometric movement.  You continue the same movement for a minute then you switch to a boxing segment and continue that for a minute.  You repeat the cardio/boxing cycle with different movements for about 12 or 13 minutes and then you start all over again with the same drills which Kelly calls round 2.  You can tell these were taped separately though and you aren’t just following a repeat.  Just the movements are the repeats what Kelly says in round 2 is different. There is a thorough cool down and stretch.

The second time I did this workout I did the cardio and sculpting premix (32 mins).  You will need light and heavy dumbbells. After the warm up you go into the same cardio drills as before and in between each separate drill is an upper body sculpting segment.  Kelly uses a few techniques that I wasn’t familiar with but will definitely start using a the gym.  As before you repeat the different drills for about 13 minutes and that start over for round 2 of the same moves.

The third time I did this workout I did the Boxing & Legs premix (32 mins).  You will need heavy dumbbells. After the warm up you go into a leg sculpting movement (squat to curtsey) with heavy weights.  This is followed by a boxing drill and the whole format is the same as before with the alternating of the legs to the boxing and then starting over again at round 2.  Again, Kelly used some different techniques in the leg sculpting movements that I will take to the gym – like the deadlift to the squat out – it’s not new but I never thought of putting the two together before and that has to be killer for your legs/butt.

The other premixes are:  Sculpting & Legs (33 mins); Sculpting & Boxing (32 mins); Cardio & Legs (33 mins); Cardio, Boxing & Sculpting (44 mins); and Sculpting Legs & Boxing (45 mins).

The hour long workout starts w/ cardio goes into a sculpting set then to boxing and then to legs and then immediately does the round 2 of the same movement from there.  These cardio/sculpting/boxing/legs sets alternate for the whole hour workout.

This DVD has an abs workout.  It is very short and is a little over 5 mins in length.  The moves are very challenging and effective however and in that short amount of time my abs were burning.  Kelly starts with some crunches then moves to knee crunches.  The next set of moves are straight leg raises while sitting up on your elbows.  She then circles the legs and reverses direction.  You will then need a medium weight dumbbell to do a Turkish situp (not the getup). The next to last move is a windshield wiper while holding the dumbbell between your knees.  Kelly finishes off the abs circuit with bicycles.

I like Kelly’s no BS way of doing the workouts.  She is tough but NEVER demanding.

I would definitely give this workout at least 4 stars.

3 Responses to “Kelly Coffey – 30 Minutes to Fitness – Circuit Burn”

  1. Cool – I’ll have to keep my eye out for this next time I’m shopping for a new workout DVD. thanks for posting your review!

  2. Sounds like a good workout. I’m always on the lookout for shorter options when I’m cramped for time. I have not tried one by this trainer yet. I’ll have to check her out.

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