I’m Still Me

Yep that’s me.  By now you’re probably getting tired of looking at before and after pictures of me but I was just looking at the picture of me now and I thought, “I’m still me.”  I’m still the same person I was in the before picture.  I’m still sweet, quiet, funny, empathetic and caring.

I'm still me

I definitely get a lot more attention from men now that I lost weight and sometimes I think they expect me to act a certain way but nope, I’m still me.  I do have more confidence now but because I was so unattractive before I am not interested in someone liking me for my looks.  I get, “you’re so hot” and “you’re gorgeous,” “you’re beautiful,” and “I find you very attractive,” etc., but all this means very little to me because I want to be valued more for who I am as a person than for how I look on the outside.

When I wasn’t very attractive I wasn’t valued for who I was as a person which was a very kind, sweet, caring woman.  Some people didn’t care to get to know me because of how I looked.

Now, if someone appreciates that I workout as hard as I do and finds it cool and admirable, I’m all about that!  I workout more for me than I do for someone else.  Sometimes it feels just as bad to be liked for how you look and not be valued for who you are as it does to not be liked because of how you look and not be valued for who you are.  Either way, nobody is really interested in who you really are.

I'm still me



3 Responses to “I’m Still Me”

  1. You go girl. I love your attitude. You are brave and proud and true! More people should be like you.

  2. Hugs! Only truly worthy people see us for who we are inside. Great post!

  3. So true – so happy for you!

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