The Butt Bible with Pauline Nordin – Level 1

Have you ever seen Pauline Nordin’s butt?  She HAS the butt that I want so when I saw that she was releasing The Butt Bible on Exercise TV I knew that it was something I was going to get.

The Butt Bible program is set up in three levels.  Levels 1, 2 and 3 for the lower body and Levels 1, 2 and 3 for the upper body.  So far I have only done Level 1 of the lower body.

I previewed this level before I actually did it.  When I saw that Level 1 was bodyweight only and done without weights I thought that since I have been working out for so long that this wouldn’t be challenging for me – boy was I wrong.

After a quick but thorough warm up Pauline starts the workout on the floor with the glute bridge.  She tells you to squeeze your cheeks together and “crack nuts” with your cheeks.  You do a high amount of reps with this.  Then goes to another round.  Towards the end of this round of the butt bridge you start to feel it.

The next exercise is a side raise for the side of the butt.  She finishes it off by straitening the leg out and this is when I started to feel it.  You then do your other leg and repeat this series.  You can tell that the repetition is what  is making this work.

Then you stand up for some squats.  Pauline is in favor of a super wide stance for your squats.  Her legs are a lot further than hip distance apart.  She also promotes going very deep and getting your “ass to the grass” and nut cracking at the top.

Next up are a series of lunges with a wide range of motion to feel the glute working.   After this portion Pauline goes through a series a deadlifts – first is the sumo deadlift with legs very wide and knees bending.  Then it’s a stiff legged deadlift and back to the sumo deadlift.  She gives some pointers throughout to get maximum effect.

It is back to the butt bridge for 3 more sets and I can tell you that once again you really feel it.  She explains that you can’t just do a couple you have to do a marathon and this for sure is a marathon of the butt bridge.  When you finish this last set of the butt bridge you are happy that it is time to stretch.

I can’t wait to try the other levels using weights.

Pauline’s accent makes you afraid of her but she cracks a couple of jokes throughout this workout and you realize she has a good heart.  Hey this lady obviously knows something about the butt.

30 thoughts on “The Butt Bible with Pauline Nordin – Level 1

  1. I don’t know her! Isn’t it funny how some of this stuff can be sooooo hard! That’s why it’s great to mix it up – always confusing the old muscle groups. Great job!

  2. After a week of Level 1 I can already see and feel a difference in the legs and butt. Excellent for a target area workout.

  3. I don’t usually get favorites but damn this girl knows how to keep me in the workout zone. She reminds me of Denise Austin kinda, except she’s younger russian and in much much better shape. They both say silly things that I love to hear when doing dvd workoutouts

  4. I am sure she says she is from Sweden!

    I’m on lower level 2. I just started upper level one but also incorporate lower level one on the same day.

    I really enjoy this workout. Its on my On Demand right now. After it is removed I will need to buy the dvds because I will keep this regime up!

  5. I can’t access the BB website either because I don’t have comcast and I heard exercise tv is gone or doesn’t have it anymore. Does anyone know the workout calendar suggested. All I know is 4 x a week alternating upper and lower and to do each level for 2 weeks.

  6. I havnt tried many exercise .but im truly glad i was introduce to the butt bible / i not going to say im a big gurl i weight about 145 .just needed to tone my body up too my amazement my body was tone up so fast i could not BELIVE it.I went on exercise tv on demand /buttbible for about three weeks ///YOU WOULD HAD THOUGHT I GOT SURGERY …. DAMN I LOOK GOOD ;] THANX

  7. My wife was doing this when it was on AT&T “On Demand” and she won’t stop talking about it! Now it is no longer available for her to view and I have looked on eBay, and just plain google and CAN NOT find this video to buy for my wife!
    Can someone please help me find this so I can buy it for her? I think she would just LOVE this surprise!!!!

  8. Does anyone have the free workout plan that the dvd case talks about? The website to get it from is no longer up.

    • They build the muscle and make it more shapely. I have a huge butt to begin with and this program made it look better. I would not say however that this would give you a flat lifeless scrawny butt.

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