The Butt Bible – Lower Body – Level 2

Okay, after doing level 1 a few times and feeling it get easier (except for that straight leg lift), I felt that it was time to move on to level 2.  Level 2 steps the game up a bit in that it is about 32 minutes long (level 1 was 20 mins long) and Pauline uses a set of moderate weights at this level.

Pauline made the warmup a bit more dynamic by adding alternating jump lunges to get your heart rate up.  She also does a few moves that you will remember from level 1.

I will warn you that Pauline is a bit cruder in this workout and if you are a conservative type you may find a few of her comments offensive.  I find very little offensive, however, and I thought she was a bit comical.  Why do we have to be so serious in workouts all of the time?

The actual workout starts out on the floor.  You start off with the same side bent leg raise as in level one.  The second part of this is with a straight leg but you don’t hold it out in front, you leave it long and out to the side.  She repeats these two movements on each side three times. As I have stated before she is a fan of multiple sets and lots of reps.

The next segment is standing and using the dumbbells.  With the dumbbells on your shoulder you do a plie squat.  She mentions that your heart rate will raise.  Then it is side to side lunges (alternating).  You do three sets of these two exercises.

The next segment is done on the floor.  It is the glute bridge with a dumbbell on your pelvis.  She mentions the “cracking the nuts” technique again.  She mentions that this also works your hamstrings.  Pauline must be a real fan of this move.  You do about 3 sets of this exercise.

After the glute bridge with the dumbbell, Pauline moves on to a different kind of glute bridge.  It is more of a focus on one cheek at a time.  You put one leg across your knee and then push up your butt with the foot on the floor.  You switch sides and once again Pauline repeats this multiple times for high reps.

Once again you stand up and go into a sumo deadlift with a dumbbell.  Your inside thighs in addition to the butt get worked out in this move.  You do three sets of this and on the third set Pauline offers a higher modification by not going all the way up and pulsing to burn it out.

Finally, with both dumbbells Pauline goes into alternating lunges.  You do three sets of this move and then do a brief stretch to finish.

During this workout your heart rates goes up more than in level 1 because of the use of weights intensifying it.  Pauline mentions this a few times throughout the workout.

I was a little disappointed with this one because there were some of the same moves as the first level.  It’s not that I don’t feel that I got a good workout though, I do know that I’m going to be sore and really feeling this tomorrow (I did level 1 right before this).  (I feel it in my inner thigh already but that is a trouble spot for me.)

I’m really excited to move on to level 3 because I have heard that it is a bit more dynamic, I will, however, stick with level 2 for at least 3 more tries with it.



9 Responses to “The Butt Bible – Lower Body – Level 2”

  1. Forgot to check if this is on my cable system. I’ll go do that now. I have a middle back injury so working lower body the next few days will be great.

  2. WOW- what a workout. I’m not quite up to that yet, but I can aspire!

  3. Hey.. I wanted to ask u! How many xs do u do level one b4 I can switch to level 2???

    • The rule of thumb I always go by when deciding when to move on to another level is when it is no longer challenging for you to do. You can add heavier weights for a challenge but each level is also longer in length so if you feel you can do a longer more intense workout then move up to the next level.

      I prefer the 3rd level the most but I will do the lower levels when I am short on time and just use really heavy weights to work my butt to its fullest potential.

      Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading my post.

  4. Tonya busbee Says:

    She isnt on exercise tv why? Would like to buy. Send me a email

  5. I started the Butt Bible two weeks ago but I haven’t been sticking strictly to the workout regime. I wish I had been more strict since I can feel and see a little improvement already. Imagine if I’d actually followed the directions! LOL. Oh well… Starting Level 2 tomorrow so I’m going to attempt to stick to the regime better. I’ve been skipping a day or two and then making it up by doing the Upper Level 1 and Lower Level 1 both in one day, which isn’t too hard to do.
    I’ve heard negative reviews about Pauline’s comments and whatnot in Level 2, but I really don’t think I’ll mind them. In fact, I think it will make it more interesting to listen to while trying to pump out those endless reps. I get really annoyed with the generic and overly-motivating phrases lots of trainers will use in these DVD’s. I was able to get through the BBL mostly due to the guy calling our butts “bum bums” and his intoxicating accent LOL.

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