Interview – Kasim K of Revolutionary Fitness Concepts

I would like to preface this article by saying that I have been cyber friends with Kasim for a few years now.  We “met” in the Exercise Friends group on Myspace.  When Myspace went wayward, we became friends on Facebook.  Kasim stuck out to me for a couple of reasons:  Number one being that he is freaking hot; Number two is that in the Exercise Friends group he wasn’t cocky and arrogant like some of the other muscle heads that were in the group.  Some were quick to be condescending to members just starting out with little knowledge (me at the time) but not Kasim.  He was always very humble and modest.  And, finally, number three being that he doesn’t mind giving advice about fitness.  The Revolutionary Fitness Concepts website is at

Kasim K of Revolutionary Fitness Concepts

1.  How did you get your start in fitness and when was that?

I actually started training regularly in college. Previously I had been working out for two years and only gained 5 pounds of muscle in that time working out on my own and with whatever knowledge I could find from magazines and TV. Then my freshmen year I was doing the bench press and two big bodybuilder type guys told me I was doing the bench press wrong. Then they showed me the correct form. Eventually we became friends and I would train with them and learn different exercises, training techniques, and proper nutrition for muscle gain. I had been training much too heavy and with incorrect form. Learning proper form with light weights, I gained 30 pounds of mostly muscle in 3 months, in 6 months I gained 50 pounds. When I returned home and visited my gym during summer vacation no one recognized me. Even one of my friends came up to me and asked if I was done using the machine I was on. I was like “hey its me!, Kas” and shocked he responded “man im glad I didn’t mess with you when you were skinny!” LOL. It was definitely a great feeling. Eventually in gyms around Boston (where I attended college) guys would come up and ask me how I got so big and muscular and what they could do to get the same results. I would give advice regularly without thinking that I could actually charge for the information I was privy to. A few years after college, and after the big stock market crashed, making it hard for me to get a finance job (which was my undergraduate degree) I decided to see if I could put my training knowledge to use. I loved to train and also train others so I thought it could be a great thing to work doing something I loved. So in 2003 I started a hobby which is now Revolutionary Fitness Concepts, the name I do business under for everything fitness. From training, online programs, free advice, to supplement reviews and scam alerts.

2.  What is Revolutionary Fitness all about and what makes it revolutionary?

Revolutionary is revolutionary because we focus on only the most up to date training and nutrition knowledge. Because the FDA and training certification companies as well as educational institutions are so stringent on what curriculum they will adapt, new knowledge does not get approved until it actually becomes old knowledge to those “in the know” as in health and fitness professionals such as bodybuilders and fitness models. Bodybuilders are like mad scientists, they have so much scientific knowledge on the body that doctors are not even aware of. And I know this because my parents are doctors and so are all their friends as well as so many of my relatives. Doctors are usually so bound to medical procedure and approval methods that new developments are not readily accepted until they undergo a great deal of testing using scientific method. For example things like the glycemic effect of food was known to bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger since the 70s and is only now being explored by the medical and nutritional community. In my masters nutrition classes they have only begun to skim over glycemic effects of foods and how it relates to fat gain. Reading things about Arnold and following bodybuilder diets as well as through personal experimentation on myself and with certain clients I have discovered much more than my nutrition professors or textbooks are even willing to explore. At Revolutionary Fitness Concepts we do away with unnecessary things like fear, there is no fear of knowledge, no fear of testing theories to find fact, and open-mindedness is the key to everything. If there is something new, our goal is to try it, test it, see if it is real and if it is, report the results and use it on clients ready to see results from techniques that are cutting edge and cause dramatic results in a very short period of time. Results that doctors such as my father say is not possible until they see it first hand, but can only think that it must be something else. That you cannot lose 10 lbs of fat in a week, but many of my clients do! I myself have learned how my genetics work, and can now gain and lose ten pounds in a week. One week I may decide to gain 10 pounds of muscle, another week I may decide to lose more fat, and it works, based on my genetic predispositions along with a workout plan and diet plan to accentuate my genetics. This brings me to the main ingredient to why my plans are so successful. I design every custom plan around a persons genetic predispositions. Whether that is through training or diet. I interview each client as a completely different person as the last, even if they are similar, I throw out what I did for the last person and start from scratch. I interview a new client to see what training and nutrition they have already explored, which methods work, their body type, where they are genetically predisposed to gaining fat, which foods make them gain weight and where. If they are looking to gain muscle, I examine what routines have worked best in the past and can assess their genetic makeup and possible muscle fiber distribution. Genetics is the key to getting someone in shape, and realizing that everyone is different, even some people in the same family may have very different genetic predispositions. This makes an enormous difference in the type of routine and nutrition plan I create for them.

For the future, Revolutionary Fitness Concepts is taking fitness and nutrition to the next level. We will be assessing clients using genetic sequencing labs to see a clients actual genetic predispositions to everything from high cholesterol and fat metabolism to muscle development. This will allow us to examine how the body is actually processing foods on the genetic level, as well as what exercises are of maximum benefit to the individual. We will even be able to see how much genetic potential a person has in fat burning (ie. Fat metabolism) and protein synthesis (a major factor in muscle-building.) This is like knowing the workings of a car, when you know how an engine runs, how different fuels will affect the car, and how to tinker with the machinery, you can “soup up” a Mazda to make it look better and run faster than a Ferrari.

3.  What do you believe is included in a well-rounded fitness lifestyle?

A well-rounded fitness lifestyle is one in which you enjoy training. Fitness should incorporate both health and aesthetics but should not become an added stress or difficulty. It should also not be an obsession. For each person, a well-rounded fitness lifestyle mean something different but in general, it is one that is healthy not only physically, but more so mentally.

4.  How important is nutrition in a fitness lifestyle?

Nutrition can be even more important than exercise. You can completely change your body simply by cutting out unhealthy foods. For example, in just a week I may drop up to 10 LBS of body fat simply by cutting out processed foods. Nutrition on its own can lower your cholesterol level, triglyceride levels, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat and cause your skin to look healthier. Adding things like more water to your diet can change your appearance, especially in regards to your skin. Decreasing saturated fat can decrease acne, and make skin less oily. Eating more fruits and vegetables increases the appearance ones body and mental function. Nutrition is a major key to healthy living.

5.  What do you think more people should incorporate into a fitness routine?

The number one thing people should incorporate into their fitness routines is weight training. For men and women this is the number one way to not only get into perfect shape but also attain dramatic results. Women are not attaining the bodies they desire because they tend to avoid weight training and instead do minimally productive activities such as long duration cardio which increases fat storage, reduces metabolism by using muscle for energy which in turn decreases resting metabolic rate. To create a perfect body you need to create shape. Like a sculptor, those who train with weights, use muscle-building to sculpt their body shape the way they wish for it to appear. Then they use some cardio to burn excess fat off the muscle shape, to reveal the beautifully sculpted muscles they have created with weight training. On top of that, muscles use fat as their primary fuel at rest. So the more muscle the more fat you burn all day. Muscles are fat burning machines. Too much cardio actually may cause fat storage and a lowering of metabolic rate as protein from muscles is used as energy and further takes away your shape. To create a perfect body you need to sculpt it. Even if you sucked all the excess body fat from your body, but never created a shape, you would probably look like Olive Oil from Popeye.

6. What does a typical workout look like for you?

A typical workout for me is one that uses muscle maximizing routines such as heavy lifting and low duration to keep testosterone levels high and cortisol low, along with days of circuit training to maximize fat burning, muscle shape, and definition. My circuit training is also used to create body symmetry, i.e., the perfect body. I train every body part to the fullest, just as heavily as the others to maximize proportionality, strength and size. Even the smallest muscle is trained to maximization. I train not only every body part, but every part of every body part. For cardio I use a circuit routine that may last from 1 1/2 hrs to even 3 hrs.

7.  With obesity at an epidemic rate in the U.S., what do you think the future of fitness looks like? Do you think more people will incorporate fitness or do you think it will become extinct?

With obesity on the rise, I think there will be more of an effort to educate people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This will be done through mostly media outlets. However, I believe the key is the youth. Education in schools is the biggest factor for change in the society as a whole. The children are the future, and raising them properly is the most important thing that we can do in regards to changing the unhealthy society our love for excess and instant gratification without assessing the consequences, has caused. The foods in the supermarket and in fast food chains is not only littered with processed, saturated fat laden ingredients laced with things like sugar and high fructose corn syrup (which is in seemingly most foods, even bread), but is filled with chemicals that no one really knows what effect they are having on the body. Imagine the scenario of our current situation, for a person’s entire lifespan they are ingesting chemicals on a regular basis. This may be a large reason for the increase in cancer rates nation wide. Cancers also are increasing at such an alarming rate because of obesity, which causes diabetes, which in turn dramatically increases a persons predisposition for cancer.

8.  How should people keep themselves motivated in their fitness lifestyle?

The number one way to keep motivated without question is going to the gym with friends or making friends in the gym. There is no better way to get yourself motivated. You will love going to the gym and hanging out with people much more than if you stay to yourself and just focus on your routine and leave. That gets boring, lonely and tedious. Another way is to gauge your results. When you are getting great results on a consistent basis, automatically you want to go to the gym as much as possible to increase the results or just to maintain the shape you have created with your hard work and dedication. Keep a track of measurements, make goals, assess your body in the mirror, and make a goal to fix what you do not like. Attack your problem areas, or if you are interested in more performance and strength then you would make goals to get better every time you stepped in the gym.

For me, the greatest motivation is knowing that with more training and consistent training along with what I know, I can make my body look however I want. There is really not much of a limit what I can do with my body. In terms of aesthetics, creating a perfect body is not the problem, the only problem comes from the natural genetic limits of size and strength. Rapid gains for me slow down at a certain level, but with more work and new innovations and supplement help I know I can surpass even those limits. To be honest, if steroids were legal, I would be even more motivated in my training because then I would know there were no limits! It is truly a miraculous hormone. On a side note, it’s a shame that drug companies lobby to get their drugs approved so that people are tied to their drugs forever which are much more harmful than steroids which administered properly can cure diabetes, heal muscle wasting diseases. decrease heart problems and atherosclerosis and along with HGH is like the fountain of youth! I think it is the future of anti-aging and health. We are currently in an age where drug companies have us on extremely dangerous drugs to heal one ailment while they wreak havoc on the rest of the body. Some even destroy body tissue. Testosterone and HGH are natural hormones, we could heal a myriad of ailments by simply returning people’s levels to youthful levels. Countries such as England and Pakistan allow people to freely purchase and use these products as they wish. Why are they banned here? And why do they pump the public with false information and fear propaganda? Because the pharmaceutical corporations are in charge of our health along with the food processing plants and any large corporation that wants to make money off of our sicknesses. As long as they are in charge, our problems with health and disease states will keep at the current levels or may even increase.

Thank you Kasim for a great interview! ~ Missy

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  1. Sounds like a great guy. Isn’t it wild that we’ve stayed in touch with some folks from back in the MySpace days? 🙂

  2. Some interesting information here. And ye, he’s a HOTTIE!

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