Nothing Easy Is Worth It

When I first started my fitness journey I was a machine.  I was determined.  Determined to show the guy that had just discarded me like yesterday’s news a week after telling me that I was the best decision he ever made that I was better than that (Will who?).  Working out became my life for a year and I mean that for a year I did nothing else.  I had no life but the gym and working out.  Every day, seven days a week.  I wanted a huge chunk of the fat off of my body and I committed to that.  That’s not to say that I don’t workout hard now.  I actually workout harder because my fitness level is sky high (I get my heart rate into the 170s).  It is just that now I do have the freedom to enjoy life a little more.  I stop and smell the roses so to speak.  I also learned throughout my journey just how important rest days are for your body and I learned that you have to have an element of fun in your life or you will grow to resent it.

My energy level is sky high – this in part to cutting out as many processed foods as possible, cutting out as much sugar as possible, adding lean protein, drinking mostly water and eating healthy fats (very hard for me to do).

A friend of mine told me today that my workouts are paying off and that I look toned and athletic.  Athletic?  No one has EVER told me I looked athletic before.  Even in my younger years.

Is my hard work worth it?  You bet your mutha-effing a$$ it is.

The best I've looked in a long time.


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