The Butt Bible ~ Lower Level 3

By now if you’ve been following the Butt Bible workouts (and actually doing them) I am sure you are starting to notice a change in your butt.  I know I sure have.  It’s not where I want it to be at but it is looking better.

You will need a set of challenging dumbbells, a chair or step-stool and a barbell for this workout.  (I don’t have a barbell so I used my dumbbells – it won’t make that much difference).  This installment is 40 minutes long.

This workout starts out with a bodyweight challenge warmup with familiar moves that you have seen previously in these workouts.

When you get to the heart of the workout you will realize that Pauline has amped it up for sure for the third round.  She starts out with a one-legged lunge with a dumbbell and your back leg on a chair.  This is a balance challenge for sure but worth doing.  She does three sets on each leg.  As if that weren’t enough of a challenge she moves on to one-legged squats where you hold your opposite leg up in the air – once again challenging your balance.  She continues with the three sets per leg.

Next up you use one dumbbell in your opposite hand for a one-legged deadlift.  Pauline says that this move is good for the “cottage cheese on the back of your thighs.”  She also says that it is good to deal with “banana legs” and explains that banana legs are legs with an overdeveloped quad but underdeveloped hamstrings.  This move demands great balance too.

Now Pauline means business when she pulls out the chair for step-ups with dumbbells.  She does this one leg at a time and does three sets per leg.  This move when used with a high chair is an advanced move for sure.

Next up it is “range of motion” lunges.  In this type of lunge you stay stationary but maintain a long stride.  For the second set Pauline grabs dumbbells.  For the third set Pauline changes the move up to a pulsing type of lunge with the dumbbells.

Now down to the ground you go for one-legged butt lifts.  This is a bridge type of move where you hold one leg up in the air at a time then you switch legs.  Pauline says it is not unusual to feel that one of your legs is stronger than the other and she explains that it works your hamstrings as well.

The next floor move is a bridge/thrust with a dumbbell resting on your pelvis.  This move was also done on level two.

Now you get back up on your feet for plie’ squats with the barbell (or dumbbells).  Pauline encourages a wide stance.  She moves on to a good morning (bending over) move.  Then she follows it up with side to side lunges.  Instead of doing three sets at a time on each move Pauline does the three moves separately and then goes back to square one for the second and third sets.

Pauline finishes up with a thorough stretch.

Pauline maintains her bad ass attitude and humor throughout the workout.  I noticed Pauline walked around a lot more for this workout and did less of each move.  She demonstrated proper form on the background girls.  It didn’t bother me, it was just and observation.

Well, I definitely prefer this level to the others because I finally felt that I was being challenged at this workout level.  Once again, I am on my way to the best butt of my life!

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