The Summer’s Not Over Yet Giveaway

You may be the random winner of the workout DVD – Surfer Girl – Volume 1 – Laguna Beach with Amber Gregory.

This DVD contains two workouts:

1:  Core Wave – Workout 1 – This is a full body workout circuit that hits every last muscle in your body.  Uses a stability ball.

2.  Core Wave – Workout 2 – Your body is warmed up and ready to go, so let’s move onto the next circuit.  Just imagine how great you’ll look in that bikini….find the rhythm in your breathing and get keyed into the energy flowing through your body.  Uses light hand weights.

This workout is beginner/intermediate level.

You can view it here:

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post saying how fitness has most changed your life and the winner will be chosen randomly.  Good luck.  This contest ends August 31, 2011 at midnight EST and the winner will be notified by e-mail September 1st (So make sure you enter your e-mail address into the comment section).

3 Responses to “The Summer’s Not Over Yet Giveaway”

  1. Ashley H. Says:

    Fitness has changed my life by giving me more energy and confidence.

  2. I always notice when I start getting irritable with people or unhappy that it’s usually me and the lack of exercise I have going on in my life. As soon as I start back with a routine it’s like I’m back to normal feeling better and hopefully looking better!

  3. Thanks for entering. The contest is over and Kristind won the DVD but Ashley H. will receive a workout DVD as well.

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