Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs Level 2 Workout

This workout is Intermediate/Advanced level.  There are beginner modifications and advanced modifications offered.  You will need hand-weights and a chair.  The length of this workout is roughly 42 minutes long.

Level 2 starts out with a thorough warmup with some dynamic movements that you do one time around and then repeat.  Your heart-rate will get up in the warmup.  Jillian has this set up like Level 1 in that you do a round of exercises and then repeat them.  There are once again four separate circuits.  The difference and what makes this a higher level intermediate is that Jillian incorporates more balance and stability into this workout.  A few of the movements are more challenging and there are more plyometric movements as well so your heart-rate will get up there.  Jillian does some combo movements and a few that are a twist on classic movements. At the end, I thought that the stretch was a bit more thorough and less rushed than what was done in Level 1.

Jillian’s a bit tougher talking in this workout.  She pushes the girls harder.  I guess that is to be expected since the workout is tougher and more challenging.  The phrase “get some” does get tiresome to me though but I can ignore it.

I found this workout challenging because of the added balance and stability work.  I have problems in that area.  The exertion level isn’t really a problem though.  The one legged burpee is something I hadn’t tried before and doing movements such as this may just push me out of my plateau.

With something like the one legged burpee being in the Level 2 workout, I am wondering what is to come in the Level 3.  I’m a little scared!


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