Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 Workout

The third level on this DVD is the most challenging and Advanced of the three workouts (at least as Jillian states it – I still find the balance/stability work of Level 2 pretty challenging).  You will need a chair, heavy to moderate hand-weights and a mat for this workout.

This level starts off with a thorough warmup.  Level 3 is set up like the other two with the circuit of movements and then repeating them.  You will need a fair amount of upper body strength, especially in the first circuit of movements.  For the frog hops please be careful if you choose to jump both your hands and feet off of the ground.  I think that you could really injure your wrists if you aren’t careful or strong enough to handle your body weight.  Jillian focuses more on moves for one side of the body and then catching the other side of the body on the second round in Level 3.  She continues with the plyometric movements to raise the heart-rate and at one point when I looked at my heart-rate monitor it was 171 which is really good.  I didn’t feel like I was working that hard but obviously I was.  I will know for sure by tomorrow!  The cool-down/stretch in this level is the most thorough of all three.  Jillian ends this with a little motivational speech in the corpse pose (from yoga).  Some may find it cheesy or lame but I think more women need to hear the point she was trying to get across.  Kudos to Jill for this.

Level 3 wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be after doing Level 2.  There was a 1 legged mountain climber but other than that it wasn’t too hard that it isn’t doable and she does offer suggestions on how to make it harder if you find that it is too easy.

Looking forward to whatever is next from Jillian.


3 Responses to “Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 Workout”

  1. How was this after having done the butt bible?

    • Well, Killer Buns & Thighs and The Butt Bible are different style workouts in that Jillian adds the plyo moves to raise the heart rate whereas The Butt Bible are almost 100% weight lifting/toning moves with high reps/sets that do raise the heart rate but not as high as plyo moves. I think that a rotation of these together is a great way to keep your butt from plateauing. I also should add that The Butt Bible does have separate upper body workouts but I didn’t review them as I was more focused on the butt workouts. I definitely was sorer the day after The Butt Bible but I am happy with both.

  2. I am so bummed that these workouts still require a lot of upper body work. With my injury, I can’t do them. I’ll be better someday, right? Great work on your own booty. LOL!

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