Dreams Do Come True!

My First Set of Dumbbells

This is a picture of my first set of dumbbells.  I got them on Christmas Day 1982.  I asked “Santa” to get me a set of dumbbells because I wanted to be a weightlifter when I grew up.  They are 3.3lb DP Super Star Orbatrons.  They are a little large in size by today’s standards.  They look more like 8 lb dumbbells as they’ve been able to shrink the 3 lbs down to a small Barbie-like size.   I remember using these for chest presses when I was a little girl thinking they would make my boobs grow.  They are still in great shape for being almost 30 years old (and the weights have held up as well – I kid, I kid!).

Through the years my mother used these same weights and I used them back in the day when high reps/low weight was pushed on women.  Today I use them for punching drills and barre workouts that use a lower weight for upper body.  “Santa” sure got his money’s worth.

20 lb Dumbbells

This picture above is my newest addition to my home gym.  I have been using 20s at the gym for a while but hadn’t expanded that high at home.  I decided it was time.  I remember buying these at Target and the cashier struggling to lift one with two hands.  I easily picked up one with one hand.  I use heavier dumbbells than this at the gym along with a barbell and the cable machine I just can’t afford all of the upgrades at home yet.  So I buy a little at a time hoping to one day have enough that I can forgo my gym membership because I truly do workout harder at home and am self-disciplined enough that I don’t need the gym environment to do so.

25 lb Kettlebell

This last picture is the heaviest weight I have at home.  My back is strong so I use this to work my back with one arm rows.  It also gives one killer workout with the kettlebell swing.  When I first bought this size kettlebell knowing how I grow out of the weights quickly I went up an extra 5 lbs to buy myself some time until I grew out of it.  I’ll admit it was really challenging at first but now it is just a really good workout and I can tell that it really works my glutes in the swings.

I guess it’s safe to say that after all these years the girl who was picked last in gym class has become a weightlifter.


2 Responses to “Dreams Do Come True!”

  1. Very interesting how your jump up in weight didnt back fire on you …like it did me. I had a pair 7 pound weights s and wanted more so I bought a pair of 15lbs weights….I dont get a lot of use out of them but i do use them. I should have bought the 10 pound pair.

    I love your site and will make it in my favorites

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