Out With the Old – In With the New – Workout DVD Contest

I recently wrote an article for Fytness Fanatik online magazine about the New Year and goals for the next year.  You can read it here: http://www.fytnessfanatik.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=285

This contest is about Out With the Old – I am going to give one winner a workout DVD from my own personal collection tailored to the winner (I’ve got over 100 so don’t worry, I won’t miss it) and In With the New – the workout DVD will be new to you!

After you read the above article, all you have to do is comment below about what you accomplished in the year 2011 and what you plan to accomplish in the year 2012.  One winner will be chosen at random who have all followed the steps above (honor system).

The winner will be chosen on New Year’s Day 2012!

Good luck!!!!


8 Responses to “Out With the Old – In With the New – Workout DVD Contest”

  1. In 2011, I accomplished better balance for myself and my family. In 2012, I plan to focus back on my fitness since my emotional well-being is back on track.

  2. […] Missy Braun from mistransformation has a DVD contest give-away on the Exercise TV Facebook site. She’s giving away a workout DVD from her personal collection to […]

  3. I ran a 15K with a some of my friend’s at the Hot Chocolate Run in Chicago. The race was in November and the weather was wonderful. Not only did we have an awesome run but we had so much fun the entire weekend.

  4. I forgot to mention what I plan to accomplish in 2012. A Half Marathon at the Illinois Marathon in Champaign, IL spring of 2012. I’ve been a fitness instructor for years but not so much a runner. But the more I run the more I enjoy it. My goal is injury prevention and being in the moment.

  5. Hello, your blog is full of good informations. Thx

  6. Great article, Missy. In 2011 I started the year right- I was actively going to the gym and starting to really eat clean. I wanted to participate in some of the many 5ks held in Anchorage every year. I continued to do great until school was out in May. I have found I really need a set schedule to workout. I get lazy in the summer. I do ride my bike and hike some but not like I should. I did participate in one 5k in August at the Big Wld Run. I did not train for it like I planned; I just did it with one of my good friends. She was kind enough to stay with me the entire time even though she could have ran longer periods of time and faster. I did finish it in about 43 minutes.

    I am happy to say that I am back into going to the gym daily. I absolutely love it. I am also tracking all of my calories on livestrong.com/myplate. It is really making me think about what I am eating and I am seeing results. For 2012 I plan on continuing at the gym and tracking my calories. For my big audacious goal – I want to run the half marathon at the Big Wild Run on August 19. My friend has already committed to do it with me. I have started running a little on the treadmill this past week and I will go to the dome, which is a big dome with a track and soccer fields in it. I will run outside once the weather allows. A more minor goal is to go to yoga. I don’t love but I need it and if my friend is willing to run a half marathon with me, I can at least go to yoga with her.

    • I love yoga. I didn’t always but I love stretching my muscles when they hurt after a hard workout and the focus on breathing relaxes me. I also love being able to hold my own bodyweight and the challenge of balancing. It took a long time to get to this point – maybe you will too.

  7. Jenn was the winner of this contest.

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