Review of Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation Workout DVD

This Total Body Transformation workout DVD has 2 workouts.  One is 60 minutes and one is 15 minutes (Bob calls it a 10 minute workout but with warmup and cool down it is 15 mins). 

60 Minute Workout

You will need a set of light and heavy weights.  Bob starts it off pretty cool with a dumbbell swing that transitions to add some lateral jumping while swinging the dumbbell.  Then he goes into some snatches and shoulder presses and then he gets the other side.  The rest of the workout is a mishmosh of moves that seems to be Bob’s format of late.  There just doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to what he is doing except to keep your heart rate up and work your body which isn’t a bad thing.  With the exception of the ending single leg bridge rounds (your butt will burn) – no single part of your body will receive a harsh treatment.  This is total body.

This workout is similar to Bob’s other workouts in that it uses strength moves but adds dynamic movements like plyometrics to get the heart rate up. Bob tries to keep the whole body engaged during movements like the seated dumbbell curl where you do a chair pose and curl your arms off of your thighs. He also liked the “prisoner” squats/lunges with your arms on your head and shoulder back to engage the upper body while you are working on the lower. He also likes to tweak old moves that you may already be doing and turn them on their ear.  He does side burpees, round the world pushups and he is a fan of the prisoner lunge in this workout.  By the time you finish up with the Russian squat kicks your arms are going to feel like they are going to fall off.  Holding your hands and the back of your head with your shoulders out and upper back contracted is a hard thing to hold.  Bob also changes the pace of some of the moves and does his usual isolation moves to finish off a move.  Bob says tweaking things will push you out of your plateaus.

Bob touts this as the hardest workout ever but I have to disagree.  Bob must have never have done an Insanity workout or Paul Katami’s Burn and Build Kettlebell Workout because both of those are harder. I don’t even think this is Bob’s hardest workout ever – unless I’ve just gotten that much stronger that I’m not as challenged anymore but I thought the Cardio workout he has out was harder. I am not saying this isn’t a great workout I just removed one star because he touted it as such and it isn’t. It may be for some but if you try Paul’s Burn and Build you would see that is more challenging than this. Good job though Bob – I would keep buying challenging workouts like these it may be time to change the format however. This format is getting a little old now.

15 Minute Workout

This is a quick workout to get your heart rate up and work your whole body when you are short on time.  I like the flipping bridge move that Bob does. It makes me feel strong.


One Response to “Review of Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation Workout DVD”

  1. Great review, as always. I watched some of the video on YouTube and I agree that some of his other workouts look a bit harder, but this still looks like a great all-over workout.

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