Cathe – AfterBurn – Low Impact Series – DVD Review

Cathe Friederich recently unleashed her new Low Impact Series workout DVDs.  They are all available separately for purchase.  You do not have to buy them altogether.  My first purchase from this series was the AfterBurn workout DVD.  I have heard others that have the whole series say that this is a great representation of the Low Impact Series and they say that it may even be the best out of the series.  This workout is proof that low impact does not have to mean low intensity.

In this workout you will need various sizes of dumbbells.  A good representation of weights would be one 15 pound DB, a set of either 12s or 10s (maybe even 8s if need be) and a set of 5s (or possibly 3s).  Cathe also uses gliding disks and Dixie cups for this workout.  If you don’t have these you can substitute paper plates for the disks and maybe just forgo the Dixie cups.

This workout alternates intervals of strength moves with low impact cardio moves.  Cathe has incorporated low impact HiiT moves and metabolic weight training in this workout.  The “afterburn” this effect creates is what gives this workout its title.

In the main workout (not a premix) Cathe does a series of two moves and then repeats them.  She starts intense right off the bat in the first series with squat digs and then moves to a squat, curl to press move that gets the heart rate up.  Then you repeat it.  If your heart rate isn’t up after that, you either aren’t doing it right or you aren’t using enough weight for the squat, curl to press.

Cathe’s instruction is on point and she offers her gentle and fun motivation that is Cathe’s signature and what a “Cathelete” has grown to expect from her workouts.

The DVD offers many premixes.  You can do the regular 54 minute workout or you can choose from the various premixes which are:  Express (Single Intervals 1-10); Express (Double Intervals 1-5); Express (Double Intervals 6-10); Random Burn; Double Trouble or Bonus Burn.

I can tell you, I did the “Bonus Burn” this morning.  It is 74 minutes long (including warm up and cool down/stretch) and it is the total main workout and then goes back and does each interval all the way through only once.  I am looking forward to trying the Random Burn and possibly checking out what Double Trouble is all about.

By the end of this workout I was sweating buckets and knew I had just kicked my own booty.  I’m looking forward to trying more workouts from this series.

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