BEST WORKOUT DVDs OF 2011 from my reviews

This list is compiled from the workout DVDs that I have reviewed on my blog.  There may be others out there that I don’t mention in this post but if they weren’t reviewed on my blog, they aren’t eligible for this list. 

Best Bargain – Supreme 90 Day which is a multidisc package that sells for $19.99.  The tabata inferno is worth that cost alone.  The core workout and balance ball workouts have given me ab definition that I have never had in my life.  Tom Holland is the instructor.  We haven’t seen a lot of him before this, but you can bet we will be seeing more of him in the future!

Best Up and Coming Trainer – Toby Massenburg in his debut workout DVD Max 30.  Toby is in Paul Katami and Patrick Goudeau workout DVDs but in this workout that has him at the lead, Toby proves that he has what it takes to be in the forefront and give a hardcore workout.  I am looking forward to more workout DVDs from Toby in 2012.

Best for Butt Transformation – The Butt Bible.  While Pauline Nordine’s workouts aren’t rocket science or innovative, the sequence and amount of sets/reps that she does will give you a better butt.  I barely even recognize mine anymore.   The icing on the cake is that Pauline included upper body workouts for a total body experience.

Best Workout Without Weights – Breathless Body with Amy Dixon.  While I have read other reviewers complain that this workout has a boredom factor due to the repetitious movements, I find that the sheer intensity of this workout makes you forget and concentrate perfecting each movement.

Best Low Impact Workout – AfterBurn with Cathe Friederich – In this Cathe workout you will learn that low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity.  Cathe utilizes a few different pieces of equipment and shows you how to bring it.

Best Surprise Workout – L.I.F.T.Kelly Coffey-Meyer.  Kelly put out her L.I.F.T. workout and in it included Olympic Lifting.  This workout includes power moves that hardcore bodybuilders use and not everyone is familiar with.  Surprisingly this workout is a great core workout and you will feel it working for sure.  Kelly gives proper form and instruction and by the end you will be doing Olympic lifts that will make you feel strong and empowered.

Best Workout Package – 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme with Chris Freytag.  Chris is such a friendly and inviting trainer that you don’t have any dread factor.  Her tagline, “Yes you can” makes you want to get up and do her workouts.  You actually look forward to working out with Chris.  This is a great all around workout system and even includes yoga.


Best Overall 2011 – Burn & Build Paul Katami.  This workout incorporates both a high step and a kettlebell to give you both a demanding cardio and strength workout in one.  Paul is a great instructor and you forget that this workout is rather lengthy.  I was and am still blown away by how intense using a kettlebell with a high step is.  Paul includes a clinic to teach proper form and movements and he also includes a core workout.  I hope Paul gives us more workouts like this in 2012.

5 Responses to “BEST WORKOUT DVDs OF 2011 from my reviews”

  1. I love both Supreme 90 Day and the Butt Bible!!! Great list, thanks!!

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  3. Thanks for the reviews! I hadn’t heard of any of these and I’m definitely going to check them out.

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