Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn Workout DVD Review

I had been looking forward to purchasing and doing this DVD for at least a month.  I knew as soon as I saw the preview that I wanted this because it looked hardcore.  I received it in the mail on December 31st and knew that this would be my first workout DVD review of 2012.  I have to admit that I was very psyched up and planned on accomplishing the 80 minute workout number 3 option.  Then New Year’s Eve happened and I drank 3/4 of a bottle of Chocolate Valley Vines and while I felt well enough to workout the next morning, I was not feeling an 80 minute workout at that time on New Year’s Day.  I did however do Workout 1 in the morning and then Workout 2 in the evening.  I can’t wait until some Saturday morning when I am raring to go and do the total 80 minutes altogether!  Workout Number 3 is both Workouts Number 1 and Number 2 combined. 

Use Heavy to Moderate and a Light Set of Weights.  I use several different weights targeted for each movement.  Not too heavy as these movements are quick and if you pick up a weight too heavy you will know it soon enough.  Mike gives you the option to “double up” on the weights but at that time I just picked up a heavier weight I had around.

Workout Number One- 42 minutes

Mike starts off with a thorough warm up and then goes into Round One of strength moves.  The moves consist of total body movements that are combination strength moves.  Mike starts off with a movement and builds onto it.  For example he does a squat for a period of time and then turns it into a squat to press.  This will get your heart rate up.  After the first strength segment he goes into the Cardio segment.  These moves consist of some dynamic movements without weights to get your heart rate up.  Some movements are higher impact than others. Mike goes through them twice. After the Cardio segment Mike does Round Two of strength moves.  They are different moves than in Round One but the premise that he follows is the same.  He finishes up the workout with an abs segment that is a series of moves that he repeats twice.  There is a thorough cool down/stretch at the end.

Workout Number Two – 46 minutes

Workout Number Two follows the same set up as Workout Number One – Warm up/Strength One/Cardio/Strength Two/Abs/Cool Down.  The difference is that Mike steps things up and uses more dynamic movements for the strength portions that really get the heart rate up.  There was one point after a few strength moves I was glad when Mike toned it down for a bit.  The Cardio is amped up as well – especially with the mountain climbers followed by Donkey Kicks.  The background girls looked like they were even struggling by the second go around on these moves.  Mike knows he is pushing it by the time he gets to the abs because he mentions several times when having one of the girls hit his hand that he knows we’re mad at him. The warm up and cool down are the same used throughout the workouts.

Workout Number Three – 80 minutes

What Workout Number Three really is is the other two workouts combined for one long workout.  It is not a separate workout with different movements but both workouts combined all at once would make for one killer workout.

I will tell you that after finishing these workouts, the next day I was REALLY feeling it.  I think that the total body movements really shocked my body as Mike had mentioned in the workouts. I was sore and had to do yoga the next day.

I really enjoyed the set up of these workouts and thought that Mike was a great trainer.  There were a few interesting moves like the grappler throws that I will add to my gym routine.


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