Patrick Goudeau’s Extreme Calorie Burn – Workout DVD Review

I was really looking forward to this workout DVD when I saw the preview.  It looked intense and hardcore.  I had worked out with Patrick before back in the old Exercise TV days. He had some great and challenging workouts there.  Patrick is known as the “King of Choreography” and he did not disappoint in this workout DVD.  I had to complete it twice before I could even attempt to sit down and write a review.  There is a lot going on in this workout:  Strength/Cardio/Abs.  You will need at least two sets of weights one lighter and one heavier – I use more like 3 different sets tailored to my own level.  Toby Massenburg is one of the background exercisers in this workout and he commented one day on Facebook that this was the hardest workout DVD he has done.  So you know it’s challenging because Toby is in super shape!  I’m not going to lie, I did have to modify where needed for myself.  I can’t do one handed burpees.  I’m afraid of hurting a wrist and I couldn’t do the four corners the way he performed them due to space issues in my living room.  Patrick doesn’t offer modifications, however.  You would have to make them up on your own for your capabilities.

Patrick starts with a fun warm up. I don’t think I’ve EVER used that to describe a warm up but Patrick manages to put a few moves and combinations in it that were kind of fun and interesting.  There is also a dynamic stretching segment in the warmup and a short strength warm up segment as well.

The heart of this workout is comprised of circuits.  It starts out with strength combos completed twice on one side of the body and then followed by a cardio burst segment you then go through the same combo of strength and cardio moves.  After the first two circuits Patrick pumps things up a bit and makes the strength combos faster and more dynamic.  The cardio segments contain plyometrics and some agility practices.  I will warn you, some of the strength combos are fast and you may want to keep your weight on the lighter side until you are familiar with the routine and know what is coming.  I have read a couple of reviews where people said it made their back hurt and I bet they used too heavy of a weight during the workout.  I didn’t experience any unusual pain except what you normally feel after a challenging workout. I really enjoyed the last strength circuit with the standing ab move where you have to flip-flop between bending to the side with a weight and lifting your knee to your elbow on the other side of the body.  Talk about a mind-bender!

There is a bonus ab segment separate from this workout.  You can do it at the end of the workout or completely on its own.  It offers some really challenging core movements like holding a bridge and lifting one leg and dipping.

The cooldown for the workout is a little shorter than I would like for a workout of this length.  You may want to do some additional stretching on your own.

I really loved this workout and I am glad that I bought it.  Since I had to modify some of the movements, I know I have something to work up to.  Patrick is fun and encouraging through the workout.  I think his trademark is his WOOOOO!!!!  It just wouldn’t be a Patrick G workout without it!





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