Happy Anniversary Mistransformation!

Today is a BIG day here at Mistransformation.  February 27, 2011, was the day of my first blog post!  My Mistransformation blog was born from a blog challenge within the Strong is the New Skinny (SINS) community.  The challenge was only supposed to last for six months but after six months I chose to continue maintaining my blog.

When I read the SINS post on the blog challenge I wasn’t sure exactly what direction my blog was going to take.  I’m not into CrossFit, I don’t eat a Paleo diet, I haven’t entered any Mud Runs and I have yet to have a booty shot posted on Wild Gorilla Man’s blog (although that is this years New Year’s Resolution).  I’m just a girl sweating it out day after day pushing weights and pushing my fitness level.  One thing that I already had going for me was submitting reviews of the workout DVDs I do on the Collage Video website.  Writing these reviews had already been somewhat of a hobby of mine.  Some of the DVDs I review I have bought directly from Collage and some I have purchased from other places but I still post the review at www.collagevideo.com.  So I decided that is what I would build my Mistransformation blog around.

As time went on, I started to think of other more personal things I could post about.  One of those posts made it to the Fytness Fanatik online magazine website when Amanda Lynn was looking for someone to inspire her and my post about how I used to let men treat me like crap before I started on my journey did just that.  I have continually written other inspirational articles for Fytness Fanatik and made it into the special print edition recently released.

A great asset that I have is the Fitness Blogger Buddies group that I belong to on Facebook.  We support each others blogs and I definitely see more traffic to my blog since I have joined the group.  I have been lucky enough to be a guest on two of the members’ blogs and for that I am honored.

The final achievement of my Mistransformation blog and the thing that brings a tear to my eye is having been named the 1st Strong is the New Skinny Angel!  Adam featured me on his blog and let me write about my trials and tribulations and explain how I have been able to overcome them with weight lifting.  It is a crowning achievement because I was recognized by the very thing that encouraged me to start a blog to begin with!  I will always be the first and I hope that I will continue to represent SINS well.

I truly want to thank my regular readers and followers to my blog.  I appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy lives to spend a little time with Mistransformation.  I hope I have given you something positive to take away from it.


2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary Mistransformation!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! What a fantastic accomplishment!!!

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