Women’s Health 15-Minute Belly Butt & Thighs Workout DVD Review


Above is the ad and a link to the video that got me excited for an intense new workout DVD from Women’s Health.  I already own one from Women’s Health with the beloved Jessica Smith that I totally love and take with me on the road for when I visit my folks.  I was hoping for something as good and intense as that one.  This is my review:

Women’s Health 15-Minute Belly Butt and Thighs Workout DVD is three separate 15 minute workouts.  I pieced them together for a 45 minute workout.  I was hoping for intense but the video must have shown the most intense parts because even after 45 minutes I didn’t feel it was at the intensity that I like it at.  I felt that it was a great workout for intermediates but for an advanced level exerciser I think the intensity just isn’t there. The day I did it, I had even been sick in bed all day and was able to complete the whole thing.  I can’t say there weren’t some movements that weren’t challenging (especially the balance work) but on a whole, it just didn’t do it for me.  Trainer Jennifer Widerstrom was pleasant enough and her background girls (one is a modifier) actually impressed me the most.  These girls looked like high school age girls but were very articulate and professional.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them in the future!!!

Workout One:  Bodyweight Workout – This workout is exactly how it sounds, all bodyweight challenged – no weights needed.  She does some swivel squats and follows it up with some quarter turn squat jumps.  The rest is some additional bodyweight movements that will challenge the core and follow them up with some plyo moves and dynamic movements to get the heart rate up.

Workout Two: Stack It Up Workout – This workout uses progressions from two different movements combining both for the third movement.  Some of these are balance challenged.  I liked the thought of the progressions but I just didn’t feel that the dynamic movements between them were intense enough.  This workout uses dumbbells.

Workout Three:  Back To Basics Workout – This workout is to familiarize yourself with the four most basic movements – The Push, The Pull, The Squat and Stability.  She does a circuit of each type of these movements and then adds a dynamic movement between to get the heart rate up. This workout uses dumbbells.

I am sending this one back and am going to try the Men’s Health 15-Minute Abs, Arms and Chest Workout DVD instead.  Unfortunately, sometimes the men’s workouts are amped up more than the women’s.  Hopefully some day they will be on the same level.

I like to be out of breath after a short workout and if you want an intense 15 minute workout do Bob Harper‘s Bonus Workout on his Total Body Transformation DVD (I did this one tonight).  That was the intensity that I was hoping for with these.

6 Responses to “Women’s Health 15-Minute Belly Butt & Thighs Workout DVD Review”

  1. David Haas Says:

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  3. Hi, I am so glad I goggle this workout, I am currently a student trying to firm up some soft spots but I cant do floor work hurts the neck and lower back. Your review on The Women’s Health 15-Minute Belly, Butt & Thighs Workouts, is great.
    Keep up the good work

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