Special Guest Blogger, David Haas – How Physical Fitness Helps Create Cancer Survivors

Today I am honored to present an article by a guest blogger who wanted to share some important information on my blog.  David Haas is an Awareness Program Advocate for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.  I am sure all of us have been touched one way or another by cancer, whether by a friend, relative or yourself.  Let’s create more survivors through fitness!

David’s Biography

Joining the organization in 2011, David Haas is a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In addition to researching the many valuable programs available to our site’s visitors, David often blogs about programs and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, as well as creative fitness ideas for those dealing with cancer, while creating relationships with similar organizations.

Read more about this organization: http://www.mesothelioma.com/blog/authors/david/bio.htm#ixzz1r7WXl5zO

Follow David on Twitter: @haasblaag

How Physical Fitness Helps Create Cancer Survivors

Keeping yourself in shape is one of the best things you can do, and when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, the benefits of physical fitness only increase. Many of the ailments we suffer from are less about what we come into contact with than how our bodies respond. Immunodeficiency-related disease sufferers are all too well aware of this, as normal sicknesses are made far worse by cancers.

When you get sick, your body responds by fighting back. This takes help from every organ, but most of all the liver, lymph system and blood vessels. These organs help create antibodies and t-cells that fight off foreign invaders. While this system is generally accurate and effective, it requires a lot of energy to work properly.

When cancer and mesothelioma patient’s diseases’ spread, or undergo metastasis, they cause problems all over. The asbestos fibers that cause mesothelioma often migrate through blood vessels and tissue membranes. Of course, the body isn’t slacking off during this entire hubbub. The immune system of a cancer patient recognizes the foreign antagonists and devotes resources to fighting them off. Unfortunately this takes many calories of energy, and with cancers that spread rapidly, there’s often far too much work for even healthy patients.

This is why exercise is vital to cancer survivors. Because staying fit boosts your energy levels and ensures your body has a higher metabolism, it helps the immune system. Fit patients have more resources at the ready and their bodies are more apt to flush out waste because of their higher rate of enzymatic processing. Patients diagnosed with cancer stay ahead of their disease by beginning fitness programs early on.

But wait, you ask, won’t exercising take away vital resources my body needs to fight infections and other diseases I encounter? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Unless you’re already very weak, your exercise program will help boost your health, as long as you make sure to take it easy. There’s no need to tire yourself out. Working your way up to a comfortable level of regular aerobics is sufficient. Start exercising soon and watch how an improved metabolic rate can make your cancer more manageable.


2 Responses to “Special Guest Blogger, David Haas – How Physical Fitness Helps Create Cancer Survivors”

  1. tonee78 Says:

    Great post!! Thanks for sharing a great guest Missy!!!

  2. tonee78 Says:

    Great post!!! Thanks for sharing a great guest with us Missy!!!

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