Sometimes Goodbye Is a Second Chance

When this song came out I was in a rocky relationship.  It wasn’t the one that started me on my fitness journey.  Fitness was actually a HUGE part of this relationship and is what brought us together in the first place (we were and still are both members of the local Y).  He was a seasoned bodybuilder and had muscles to die for.  I honestly used to walk behind him just so I could look at his perfect butt.  There is just something about more mature well developed muscles (he was nearing 50 at the time).  He actually did support me along the way of my fitness journey and was a great mentor and motivator to me but deep inside we were two completely different people and I had been blinded by his boyish grin and beautifully sculpted muscles.

When I told him of my writing aspirations he scoffed at me and almost belittled me.  I never did quite convince him just how serious I was about it.  In the end, when I knew things weren’t going to work out, this song motivated me with the thought that after this relationship was over I was going to have a second chance to live the way I hoped and dreamed to live.  As the song says:  “Here’s my chance – this is my chance.”  I have never looked back and I’ve never been happier.  Sometimes goodbye IS a second chance.

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