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I Won! Pretty Hard Work/Brazil Butt Lift/Erika Jacobson Giveaway!

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Back in April I entered a contest on this blog post:  At the beginning of May I found out I indeed was the winner of the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs and coaching with Erika Jacobson.  Erika was a trainer on Jackie Warner’s tv show Workout that aired on the Bravo network.  We chatted on the phone after I won and I am going to have 90 days of coaching with Erika.  You can read about the fabulous Erika Jacobson here:  

I was excited to get started on this Beachbody series because although I got great results with The Butt Bible as documented here on my blog, my butt can still use a little help and after watching the infomercial for Brazil Butt Lift countless times I really wanted it.  I was actually just about to purchase it myself when I won it on the Pretty Hard Work blog.

Leandro Carvalho is the creator of the Brazil Butt Lift workouts and a personal trainer of the supermodels.

When I received it I had already worked out at the gym that day but I needed to do some cardio so I chose to do the Cardio Axe workout.  This workout is a beginner/intermediate level (not really intense enough for me) but does have some tricky foot work if you are not familiar with these moves or are uncoordinated.  A lot of the moves were familiar to me from doing Zumba so there was no problem there.  Leandro is very likeable and goofy and I like the way he broke down the segments and built on them until putting them all together at the end.  The thing I did not like and it is a really BIG thing is that the music was horrible on this workout. In a dance workout it is imperative to have good music.  I am not sorry I did this workout once but I doubt I will use the Cardio Axe portion again.  I would suggest to someone to go out and buy some other dance workouts on the market.  There are some spectacular ones and I would recommend any of them with Jennifer Galardi – she has a few in the Dance off the Inches series that are really good.  If you are like me and are at an advanced level you will probably just want to stick with your current cardio routine.

Now, that being said while the Cardio Axe workout was not the best it could have been when I did Bum Bum (pronounced Boom Boom) and High and Tight I found that these workouts are worth their weight in gold.  Bum Bum is 20 minutes in length in which you do a series of squats and lunges performed at different paces to work your butt/thighs.  Leandro also builds up to some leaping and jumping to make this a dynamic workout.  I was sweating by the end for sure.

After Bum Bum I also did the High and Tight workout.  With this workout you use the little resistance band loop that you get with the package and first you do a standing series with the band.  Then you go to the floor and do a series with the band working each leg independently.  I can say that I really felt my glute medius working and that is good because that is an area I need to work and slim down.  That’s why I wanted this package.  In the third segment you do more floor work with the option of using ankle weights.  I don’t have ankle weights yet but I can tell you my butt and thighs were burning by the time I finished.  I think the progression of the movements and doing them independently on each leg is what makes this work the intended areas.

Today I did the Secret Weapon workout.  This workout uses a towel that you place on the floor as sort of a slider for your foot to perform some side lunges and backwards lunges.  If you have carpet you may need to use paper plates.  I’m not so sure a towel would slide on carpet.    In this workout once again you will work each leg independently performing first side lunges at 3 different paces – first in a count of 4, then a double count and then single counts.  This same idea is done for the backwards lunges.  Then, Leandro puts the two movements together done at the 3 pace levels.  You really do feel it by the end.

The total Brazil Butt Lift package is nice.  It has workout cards you can use for travel or at the gym. (I really wanted these!)  It has a booty makeover guide to help you figure out the schedule you should use for your workouts (because we all don’t have the same type of butt).  There is a fat burning foods guide and a 6 day supermodel slim down plan.  You also get a measuring tape, a pencil and the booty resistance band.

Check back with me as I review the other workouts that are on this series.  Trust me, there is more than what I have touched on above.  I’m looking forward to the others.

Where I Would Be Without My Fitness Lifestyle

Posted in Health/Fitness, Motivation/Inspiration on May 6, 2012 by mistransformation

I am starting a new series titled, “Where I Would Be Without My Fitness Lifestyle.”  I am hoping to get some other fitness peeps to do a little diddy about how they envision their life if they didn’t life a fit lifestyle.  I am going to start.

I know I posted on here before about how I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and that the end of a relationship was the last straw and a kick in the ass to change my life around to finally start living for me and not for other people.

This was me back in the summer of 2007.  I am smiling in this picture because I was drunk, but in reality I was miserable as hell. Little did I know that a few months after this picture was taken my life was going to change for the better.  Something was going to happen and it was going to hurt but in the end who would have thought that I would be thankful for all the pain that I endured.

Now let’s just say that I didn’t get that kick in the ass to change my lifestyle.  What if I didn’t take that first step to get myself to the gym?

Well, let me tell you folks I would still be miserable.  I’d probably still be going from one bad relationship to another thinking that I better take what I can get because who the heck is going to love someone that looks like me. Or perhaps I’d be in a bad long term relationship that I settled for because I was afraid if I left no one else would want me. I wouldn’t have my friends at the gym.  I wouldn’t have my friends at Zumba.  I wouldn’t have the confidence I have gained.  I wouldn’t have this blog.  I wouldn’t have become a columnist for Fytness Fanatik magazine.  I wouldn’t have all of my fitness network connections that I’ve made throughout the years.  And last but not least I wouldn’t have the sense of accomplishment that I have acquired from inspiring others to change their lives into a healthier lifestyle – which may in turn give them a longer life to do things with their loved ones.  It is nice to know that even if it is only one life that I touch for the better…..that’s one life that I wouldn’t have touched if I hadn’t turned my life around.