Where I Would Be Without My Fitness Lifestyle

I am starting a new series titled, “Where I Would Be Without My Fitness Lifestyle.”  I am hoping to get some other fitness peeps to do a little diddy about how they envision their life if they didn’t life a fit lifestyle.  I am going to start.

I know I posted on here before about how I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and that the end of a relationship was the last straw and a kick in the ass to change my life around to finally start living for me and not for other people.

This was me back in the summer of 2007.  I am smiling in this picture because I was drunk, but in reality I was miserable as hell. Little did I know that a few months after this picture was taken my life was going to change for the better.  Something was going to happen and it was going to hurt but in the end who would have thought that I would be thankful for all the pain that I endured.

Now let’s just say that I didn’t get that kick in the ass to change my lifestyle.  What if I didn’t take that first step to get myself to the gym?

Well, let me tell you folks I would still be miserable.  I’d probably still be going from one bad relationship to another thinking that I better take what I can get because who the heck is going to love someone that looks like me. Or perhaps I’d be in a bad long term relationship that I settled for because I was afraid if I left no one else would want me. I wouldn’t have my friends at the gym.  I wouldn’t have my friends at Zumba.  I wouldn’t have the confidence I have gained.  I wouldn’t have this blog.  I wouldn’t have become a columnist for Fytness Fanatik magazine.  I wouldn’t have all of my fitness network connections that I’ve made throughout the years.  And last but not least I wouldn’t have the sense of accomplishment that I have acquired from inspiring others to change their lives into a healthier lifestyle – which may in turn give them a longer life to do things with their loved ones.  It is nice to know that even if it is only one life that I touch for the better…..that’s one life that I wouldn’t have touched if I hadn’t turned my life around.

6 Responses to “Where I Would Be Without My Fitness Lifestyle”

  1. This is so fantastic! Good for you Missy!

  2. tonee78 Says:

    Great post!!! Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to the future posts!

  3. tonee78 Says:

    Great post Missy! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading about this series!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Reading stories like this one, inspires me to get active and make changes.

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