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Cathe – CrossFire Workout DVD Review

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I waited a long time for the new releases from Cathe.  In the past I reviewed her AfterBurn DVD from her Low Impact Series.  I absolutely loved that one and was really excited when I heard about the release of CrossFire and how it was even more intense than AfterBurn.  CrossFire is everything I expected and then some!

This workout DVD caters to my exercise ADD in that there are different modes of exercise presented.  From cardio, plyo, tabata, strength, HiiT and core you do not get bored.  I also liked that the music selection was very current and included songs that I can hear on a pop variety radio station (Pink, Katy Perry, etc.).

For this workout you will need a strength band loop, pairs of 3, 5, 8 and 10 pound dumbbells and one 15 pound or larger (what you can handle comfortably). Slide and glide disks (or paper plates) and tubing if you need a marker for one of the drills (I am able to do it without).

Cathe starts it off with a very thorough warm up.  It’s long but not too intense – by that I mean she doesn’t go high impact while warming you up.  She does dynamic movements that not only warm you up but stretch you out a bit as well.  Time:  6:30.

After the warm up Cathe goes into a cardio fitness blast that is performed without any equipment.  It is drill after drill with a short rest in between.  Drills are repeated twice and then at the end she does them each once.  I thought the suicide drills were fun.  Nothing like running back and forth in your living room.  This segment is 8:50.

Then we enter into the Firewalker Tabata.  This is where you will use your loop band (Cathe calls hers the Firewalker).  You will do some plyo movements while wearing the Firewalker band   Tabata drills are 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest going through four sets of different movements and then repeating them for the circuit.

After the first Tabata you get into the “meat” of the workout:  The CrossFire Circuit Blast.  This is a metabolic conditioning circuit revolving cardio and strength drills.  Throughout this segment you will need your weights, your disks and your loop band.  Time:  22:45.

Just in case you didn’t get enough with that circuit Cathe throws a Plyo Tabata your way.  You will need to use your lighter weights for a few of the moves in this one.  Time 5:20.

If you follow the original workout this ends with a thorough stretch 6:45 long.

Of course this isn’t the Cathe way!  Cathe likes to throw in bonuses, premixes and give you other options.  This workout DVD gives you a bonus core segment running 9:10 long.  This isn’t your average situp/crunch segment – Cathe gives you some movements that challenge your total body but strengthen your core for sure! 

There is also a bonus Low Impact Cardio Tabata segment that is just as it says – low impact/no jumping Tabata drills of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  You can select a low impact premix if this is your choice.

I love when Cathe gives the premix options and the first time I did this workout I did the entire thing all the way through including the core segment and the low impact Tabata.  When you do this you get one long, challenging mofo workout!  Push yourself to your limit and you will be exhausted at the end of this workout!  In total there are 12 premixes/timesavers.  That gives you plenty of NO EXCUSE options!

Cathe is such a great workout leader.  She is one of the best in the business. She is very positive but she will kick your booty in a gentle way!  I know I’ll be rotating between this and AfterBurn for a long time!!!


All Things Yoga

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A couple of months ago I won a yoga DVD off of Brooklyn Fit Chick’s blog:


I had been used to practicing a more athletic type of yoga mostly in the form of power yoga or athletic stretching.  Elena Brower’s AM & PM Yoga for Beginners is more gentle and slower than I was used to and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I started doing the PM segment at night before bed and noticed how relaxed and less stressed I felt the next day.   I have used the AM segment in the morning for work and have felt energized, awake and alert throughout the day.  This might not be a fitness oriented yoga but definitely a great restorative practice. Elena’s voice is very relaxing and calming.  It isn’t annoying to me at all.  I wish she would put out more DVDs that were at a more intermediate level.

After winning this DVD and ever since my excitement started to brew when I decided I was going to practice yoga on the beach I have had this craving to learn all I can about yoga.  I’ve bought magazines, signed up for newsletters from yoga websites, paged through books at the bookstore and bought a few more yoga DVDs.  I’ve also seriously considered going to the Finger Lakes Yoga Festival in Ithaca, NY.  This year that is not in the cards, however (maybe next year).

Now that I have done yoga on the beach I am hoping to do yoga in the park, yoga in the woods, yoga on a mountaintop, yoga at the lake and yoga beside a water fall.  I have even seen posts on the internet of people practicing yoga on a surfboard while paddle boarding.

Who knows what will be next…..but I will keep you posted for sure.



Yoga On The Beach

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I recently vacationed in Ocean City, Maryland, with my sister, my two teenage nephews and two of their buddies.  I love it there and I love spending time with my nephews.

For days before the trip I was excited to try doing yoga on the beach.  Yoga has been incorporated into my fitness routine for a few years now.  I love how the deep breathing calms me and the stretching of my muscles makes my body feel refreshed afterwards.

I had envisioned practicing yoga on the beach as very peaceful and relaxing.  I have to admit in some ways it was but in some ways it was a lot more high maintenance than I ever imagined.

The first day I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and got a space on the beach before 7:00 a.m.  It wasn’t as secluded and private as I had hoped so at first I felt a little self-conscious.  Then during one of my twisting poses I saw that there was a beach boot camp class going on behind me and as they were doing their pop squats, lateral hops and bear crawls, I felt less and less like others were watching what I was doing.

My first mistake was that I only took a beach towel out with me.  A beach blanket would have been better.  There was a breeze on the beach and my towel kept blowing around making it hard to flow into my poses.  To someone watching it would have just looked like I was holding static stretches.

One calming thing, however ,was the sound of the waves of the ocean lapping at the beach.  The roar was so loud that it drowned out any noise from passersby.  The sound of the gulls was pretty relaxing as well.   That’s not something I get with my at home yoga DVDs.

The second day the wind was blowing so hard that when it would gust I would get sand in my eyes and mouth.  Not a whole lot you can do about that though.

Luckily my third and final morning on the beach was the most peaceful of all.  No breeze and the sun was beautiful.

While yoga on the beach wasn’t quite what I had expected, it was enjoyable and I will definitely do it again when I go back in the future.