Yoga On The Beach

I recently vacationed in Ocean City, Maryland, with my sister, my two teenage nephews and two of their buddies.  I love it there and I love spending time with my nephews.

For days before the trip I was excited to try doing yoga on the beach.  Yoga has been incorporated into my fitness routine for a few years now.  I love how the deep breathing calms me and the stretching of my muscles makes my body feel refreshed afterwards.

I had envisioned practicing yoga on the beach as very peaceful and relaxing.  I have to admit in some ways it was but in some ways it was a lot more high maintenance than I ever imagined.

The first day I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and got a space on the beach before 7:00 a.m.  It wasn’t as secluded and private as I had hoped so at first I felt a little self-conscious.  Then during one of my twisting poses I saw that there was a beach boot camp class going on behind me and as they were doing their pop squats, lateral hops and bear crawls, I felt less and less like others were watching what I was doing.

My first mistake was that I only took a beach towel out with me.  A beach blanket would have been better.  There was a breeze on the beach and my towel kept blowing around making it hard to flow into my poses.  To someone watching it would have just looked like I was holding static stretches.

One calming thing, however ,was the sound of the waves of the ocean lapping at the beach.  The roar was so loud that it drowned out any noise from passersby.  The sound of the gulls was pretty relaxing as well.   That’s not something I get with my at home yoga DVDs.

The second day the wind was blowing so hard that when it would gust I would get sand in my eyes and mouth.  Not a whole lot you can do about that though.

Luckily my third and final morning on the beach was the most peaceful of all.  No breeze and the sun was beautiful.

While yoga on the beach wasn’t quite what I had expected, it was enjoyable and I will definitely do it again when I go back in the future.


One Response to “Yoga On The Beach”

  1. Looks beautiful!! I want to do some yoga on the beach!! We are going to Ocean City this summer!

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