All Things Yoga

A couple of months ago I won a yoga DVD off of Brooklyn Fit Chick’s blog:


I had been used to practicing a more athletic type of yoga mostly in the form of power yoga or athletic stretching.  Elena Brower’s AM & PM Yoga for Beginners is more gentle and slower than I was used to and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I started doing the PM segment at night before bed and noticed how relaxed and less stressed I felt the next day.   I have used the AM segment in the morning for work and have felt energized, awake and alert throughout the day.  This might not be a fitness oriented yoga but definitely a great restorative practice. Elena’s voice is very relaxing and calming.  It isn’t annoying to me at all.  I wish she would put out more DVDs that were at a more intermediate level.

After winning this DVD and ever since my excitement started to brew when I decided I was going to practice yoga on the beach I have had this craving to learn all I can about yoga.  I’ve bought magazines, signed up for newsletters from yoga websites, paged through books at the bookstore and bought a few more yoga DVDs.  I’ve also seriously considered going to the Finger Lakes Yoga Festival in Ithaca, NY.  This year that is not in the cards, however (maybe next year).

Now that I have done yoga on the beach I am hoping to do yoga in the park, yoga in the woods, yoga on a mountaintop, yoga at the lake and yoga beside a water fall.  I have even seen posts on the internet of people practicing yoga on a surfboard while paddle boarding.

Who knows what will be next…..but I will keep you posted for sure.




One Response to “All Things Yoga”

  1. Love yoga! Good luck with your practice! You are inspiring me to get and do yoga outdoors!

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