Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn Metabolic Conditioning Workout DVD Review


Mike Donavanik recently released his second workout DVD:  Extreme Burn Metabolic Conditioning.  You may remember, back in January I reviewed his first workout DVD Extreme Burn and really liked it.  This was touted as a step up from that and it did not disappoint!

I will warn you off the bat some movements may be hard on your knees.  I tweaked my own knee during the second workout on a split lunge jump using a weight.  I now modify that move because I don’t want to hurt my knees.  Mike does provide a modifier in Teri Ann Krefting whom you will probably recognize from many other workout DVDs ala Jillian, Jeanette, etc.   Please follow her if you need to modify any of the movements.

In Mike’s first DVD his segments went as follows:  Strength, Cardio, Strength, Abs.  In these workouts he follows a Strength, Cardio, Strength, Cardio, Strength with dynamic movement, Abs premise.

Workout Number 1 is 47 minutes and Workout Number 2 is 49 minutes.  Workout Number 3 is Workout  Numbers 1 and 2 combined for a rather lengthy kick-arse session.

From the get-go on Workout Number 1 you know that this is an intense workout.  Mike builds on a squat drop to a pop and then adds a press to it.  That movement alone sets the tone of these workouts.

When I did this workout for review, I followed it up by re-doing Mike’s first workout DVD so I could compare.  I like that this has the extra cardio segment and the extra strength segment.  My body really felt heated up by the end and I know that is the “metabolic conditioning” at work.

I like Mike’s forthright coaching.  He doesn’t sugarcoat anything but he isn’t too demanding either.

For this workout you will need at least two sets of weights – one set of light/medium and one set of heavy.  I like to mix and match to meet my own needs.

I am glad that Mike released this second DVD and I hope we continue to see workouts like this from him

2 Responses to “Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn Metabolic Conditioning Workout DVD Review”

  1. Sounds like an awesome workout!! Great review Missy!!

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