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30/60/90 Workout with Kristi Molinaro DVD Review

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For this workout you will need at least two sets of weights – one heavy and one light.  If you are like me, however, you like to use multiple sets of weights to customize it to each movement for your own strength capabilities. You will also need a high step or a regular aerobic step (what I used).  She does give you a modifier who does not use the step just in case you do not have one.  She also shows modifications throughout the workout in case you are incapable of doing a particular movement.

This workout is a HiiT (high intensity interval training) workout.  It utilizes timed intervals of a cardio type movement and then it is jacked up for about 15 seconds to really get the heart rate up.  After that, you do 30 seconds of a strength period.  This is your active rest time.  Kristi is not a fan of rest periods as she states during the workout.  She does tell you to take your own rest if needed though but you won’t get any formal rest periods the entire time (unless you can sneak it in while she’s demonstrating a movement).  The workout seems to increase in intensity.  In the beginning you are jumping on the step without weights and eventually you are going to be using the weights while jumping on the step.  You may need to be careful while doing this if you have any particular body issues that don’t allow for this.

SERIOUSLY....that was the first word I uttered after this workout.  I had been reading all the rave reviews of this workout online and wanted to try it for months now.  I finally got my chance.  It was as tough as I had hoped for.  Of course you are responsible for pushing yourself as hard or as little as you want but since I crave intensity, this was not an issue for me.  One of the reasons this is tough is because Kristi doesn’t give you a timed period of complete rest.  Your “rests” are actually timed periods of strength moves.  I had to pause this twice just so I could get a drink during the workout.  I’m not complaining though.  I expect something to be tough if it is touted as such.  During the last freestyle push I was able to get my heart rate up to the 180s doing box jumps.  I liked it.  I’m glad I tried it. I would say it is similar to Toby Massenburg’s Chiseled format.  The interval times may be different and he may give formal rest periods but the intensity is very similar and I don’t think that is a bad thing.

Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn DVD Review

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In May 2011 I reviewed Michelle’s Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn and Cardio Strength DVDs.  Out of those two I like the Cardio Strength the best.

I recently had the opportunity to try the More Cardio Interval Burn DVD and I have to say, I like this one better than the first Cardio Interval Burn DVD.  I liked the combos better, I liked the music better.  I thought the workout was funkier.  I will give a warning though to the choreography challenged it could prove difficult to follow but I was able to complete the entire workout without too many mishaps and I didn’t even preview the DVD before completing it (as Michelle suggests in the intro).  If I did goof up, I just improvised until I got the movements down.  Michelle does built on the movements and gives clear instruction so I felt that was very helpful.


Like its predecessor, it is set up in blocks containing a basecamp (lowest level – short rest period), assent (lower impact/lower intensity combinations), climb (higher impact/higher intensity) and the peak (30 seconds of one move all out effort).  You do this segment once and then repeat it.  There are 10 total blocks.  There is a clock on the screen to show you how much time is left in each level as well as a counter letting you know what block you are on.  I don’t think the first set of these workouts had that counter (it did have the clock).

I thought the workout was fun, it could be because I liked the choice of music. I didn’t love the first Cardio Interval Burn DVD.  I always felt a dread factor when I thought about doing it.  I don’t get that with this one.  I really like Michelle – she is fun and motivating.  I have been doing her workout DVDs for years and was glad when she released these more advanced workouts as my own fitness level had advanced to this level.

I hope to try the More Cardio Strength DVD soon and will review that one and let you know if I liked it better than the first (which I love so much).

DeltaFit Speed Shred Ultimate Body-Weight Workout DVD Review

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DeltaFit Speed Shred is a relatively new 8 DVD workout series from Men’s Health.  It was designed, developed and presented by BJ Gaddour.   This workout series focuses on metabolic training.  The first workout I tried is the Bodyweight workout and this is my review:

This workout is designed to use only a few pieces of equipment that you may already have around your house.  A step, a high step (I used my kitchen chair), a towel (and not just for the sweat), and perhaps a mat.

This workout starts out without a formal warmup so you will need to warm yourself up first.  There is also no cool down/stretch so you will have to take care of that on your own as well.  I certainly know how to warm myself up and stretch at the end so it isn’t a total deal-breaker but it would have been nice to have these along with the workout.

The set up of this workout is 10 moves are completed for 1 minute each and 15 seconds rest between each move.  After all 10 moves are completed there is about a minute (a little more actually) rest and then the 10 moves are repeated again 2 more times progressing in difficulty each time through.  Some of the movements are squats to a bench/chair, lunges from the step, towel press ups, step ups to a step/high step, running taps using a step, a sort of wrestling movement (that is hard to explain), a plyo jump up and a burpee.  There are also 2 other moves using the towel.  These are a little awkward and I’m not sure exactly how effective they are but BJ seems to like them.

I will warn you that BJ obviously doesn’t have his own timer and his crew seems to be responsible for telling him when to start and when to rest.  They fail to do their job at times and BJ runs over in spots and even misses a whole rest period in another.  If you watch the clock yourself you can monitor this yourself.

The workout isn’t an all out high intensity workout and BJ himself even states that this is a “tweener” workout to use between the higher intensity workouts.

I didn’t mind the workout.  I wasn’t in love with it either because I really crave high intensity but I do like to change things up and bodyweight workouts are probably something I don’t do enough of.

BJ is motivating and really seems to enjoy this workout.  He is kind of like the really hot guy next door that is sort of goofy and isn’t so arrogant that he won’t speak to you.  He really seems down to earth.

I am hoping to try the “Workout from Hell” from this series in the future.  When I do, I will review that one as well.

Have I mentioned that BJ Gaddour is really hot:

AFTERWARD:  If you came to my blog from a search for DeltaFit reviews – please go through the rest of my blog from this point forward.  I reviewed a few more of these workouts.  (I can see from my stats page how people get to my blog and a lot come to this page from search engines – this is my most popular post).

Here is the promo video for the series…..

Body Beast Cardio/Abs Workout DVD Review

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Body Beast is a relatively new program offering from Beachbody.  It is designed for serious muscle building and is targeted toward men BUT that does not mean women cannot do it.  When I first saw it introduced, it looked like the type of workouts that I would enjoy.  This is a total program but review is for the one workout DVD only.

Body Beast Cardio:  This is a 30 minute intense workout.  You will need a set of medium weights.  The guys in the video were using 10s and 8s.  You need to go lighter than if you were concentrating on lifting because these are timed drills and you have to be able to complete the length of the drill.  You might want to have an alternate set of weights around in case you realize you went too heavy while you are trying to complete the drill.  Sagi Kalev (the creator of the workout program and video personality) will tell you that you may need to drop the weights but keep moving.  One of the movements also uses a weight bench for toe taps but you could easily modify with a large dumbbell (I use my aerobic step).

This workout is a series of timed drills roughly a minute in length.  There are short rests between drills and after completing a few drills, there is a longer rest period of about a minute.  In some of the drills one movement is completed for the entire minute and in some of the drills it is a combination of movements.  In a few of the drills you will do a movement for a period of time followed by a isometric hold.  You usually hold for about 10 seconds and then go back to the original movement, hold again, rotating this until time is up.  Some of the drills utilize the weights and some of the drills are plyometric in nature.   Some of the drills are standing and some are on the floor (so you may want a mat).

This workout was/is intense, especially if you push yourself the way Sagi tells you too.  I must say, however, that after 30 minutes I was ready for a little more.  I would have liked it better if this workout would have been at least 45 minutes in length.  Considering this workout is part of a program that is designed to build some serious muscle, perhaps that is taken into consideration.  Maybe with that goal in mind a cardio workout shouldn’t be a longer length.  I did like this workout though. Maybe you will see more reviews from this program in the future (I don’t have the complete program).  While this workout program is obviously marketed towards men, don’t let that stop you ladies.

Body Beast Abs:  This workout will use a weight for some of the moves.  Sagi counts reps on this workout rather than going by time.  It’s a pretty typical ab workout with familiar moves like crunches, Russian twists, etc.  It is about 10 minutes in length.