Body Beast Cardio/Abs Workout DVD Review

Body Beast is a relatively new program offering from Beachbody.  It is designed for serious muscle building and is targeted toward men BUT that does not mean women cannot do it.  When I first saw it introduced, it looked like the type of workouts that I would enjoy.  This is a total program but review is for the one workout DVD only.

Body Beast Cardio:  This is a 30 minute intense workout.  You will need a set of medium weights.  The guys in the video were using 10s and 8s.  You need to go lighter than if you were concentrating on lifting because these are timed drills and you have to be able to complete the length of the drill.  You might want to have an alternate set of weights around in case you realize you went too heavy while you are trying to complete the drill.  Sagi Kalev (the creator of the workout program and video personality) will tell you that you may need to drop the weights but keep moving.  One of the movements also uses a weight bench for toe taps but you could easily modify with a large dumbbell (I use my aerobic step).

This workout is a series of timed drills roughly a minute in length.  There are short rests between drills and after completing a few drills, there is a longer rest period of about a minute.  In some of the drills one movement is completed for the entire minute and in some of the drills it is a combination of movements.  In a few of the drills you will do a movement for a period of time followed by a isometric hold.  You usually hold for about 10 seconds and then go back to the original movement, hold again, rotating this until time is up.  Some of the drills utilize the weights and some of the drills are plyometric in nature.   Some of the drills are standing and some are on the floor (so you may want a mat).

This workout was/is intense, especially if you push yourself the way Sagi tells you too.  I must say, however, that after 30 minutes I was ready for a little more.  I would have liked it better if this workout would have been at least 45 minutes in length.  Considering this workout is part of a program that is designed to build some serious muscle, perhaps that is taken into consideration.  Maybe with that goal in mind a cardio workout shouldn’t be a longer length.  I did like this workout though. Maybe you will see more reviews from this program in the future (I don’t have the complete program).  While this workout program is obviously marketed towards men, don’t let that stop you ladies.

Body Beast Abs:  This workout will use a weight for some of the moves.  Sagi counts reps on this workout rather than going by time.  It’s a pretty typical ab workout with familiar moves like crunches, Russian twists, etc.  It is about 10 minutes in length.


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