Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn DVD Review

In May 2011 I reviewed Michelle’s Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn and Cardio Strength DVDs.  Out of those two I like the Cardio Strength the best.

I recently had the opportunity to try the More Cardio Interval Burn DVD and I have to say, I like this one better than the first Cardio Interval Burn DVD.  I liked the combos better, I liked the music better.  I thought the workout was funkier.  I will give a warning though to the choreography challenged it could prove difficult to follow but I was able to complete the entire workout without too many mishaps and I didn’t even preview the DVD before completing it (as Michelle suggests in the intro).  If I did goof up, I just improvised until I got the movements down.  Michelle does built on the movements and gives clear instruction so I felt that was very helpful.


Like its predecessor, it is set up in blocks containing a basecamp (lowest level – short rest period), assent (lower impact/lower intensity combinations), climb (higher impact/higher intensity) and the peak (30 seconds of one move all out effort).  You do this segment once and then repeat it.  There are 10 total blocks.  There is a clock on the screen to show you how much time is left in each level as well as a counter letting you know what block you are on.  I don’t think the first set of these workouts had that counter (it did have the clock).

I thought the workout was fun, it could be because I liked the choice of music. I didn’t love the first Cardio Interval Burn DVD.  I always felt a dread factor when I thought about doing it.  I don’t get that with this one.  I really like Michelle – she is fun and motivating.  I have been doing her workout DVDs for years and was glad when she released these more advanced workouts as my own fitness level had advanced to this level.

I hope to try the More Cardio Strength DVD soon and will review that one and let you know if I liked it better than the first (which I love so much).


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